Finland still hopes to join NATO with Sweden


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A drowning man will generally grab at anything,and pull everybody down with him

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And you wouldn’t even throw him a line because that would be enabling a freeloader, right?

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There will be elections in Turkiye on 14 May of this year. Nothing will likely happen on Sweden and Finland's NATO membership until then. Let's see how the election turns out first.

The opposition is claiming they wish to restore good relations with the west, limit the powers of the President and re-establish the Prime Ministers office, restore civil rights and the right to protest without fearing arrest, make the state run press independent and pursue EU membership. Some of the opposition has not always spoken favorably of the west or NATO in the past but their platform for this election seems aimed and contrasting as much as possible with that of the AKP and Mr. Erdogan. The election at this point is too close to call so we all have to wait and see what happens.

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Perhaps this is wishful thinking but maybe once the election is over and Erdogan see which side his bread is buttered on, this nonsense will go away and both will be admitted without much fuss.

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Finland is making a smart move and saying it will only Join alongside Sweden.

Turkey should back down or exit NATO.

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Time to give Turkey the boot if they want to obstruct.

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I think this sums up the mood of the US Congress on this matter.

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