Fire kills 119 at poultry plant in northeast China


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My sincere sympathy for those lost in the fire.

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China really is the pits when it comes to elf and safety. On the bright side, chickens could be shipped ready roasted.

Moderator: Don't ever post garbage like this again.

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Man, this number has near doubled in half a day. China seriously needs to crack down on safety standards.

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Blocked emergency exits seems very common in Asian fires: whether it's a nightclub, department store or factory, it seems to be a factor each and every time. Fire inspections are either non-existent, ineffective or the inspectors are just paid off.

Profits before people every time...

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Reuters has the following in their report:

Hong Kong's Phoenix Television cited family members as saying that the doors were always kept locked during working hours during which workers were forbidden to leave and that the slaughterhouse never carried out fire drills.

If true, then this was a crime.

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Is it me who missed about the poor birds?

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