First book ever printed in U.S. sells for $14 mil


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I hope that A Sotheby's employee washed his hands before touching the book.

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I thought the first book in the USA might have been the Book of Mormon.

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The Book of Mormon was published in 1830, almost two hundred years later...

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What is a buyer's premium? If the bid was for x, why did the final price become x plus premium?

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The last book printed in the US is probably not that far off.

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What is a buyer's premium? If the bid was for x, why did the final price become x plus premium?

That's how those auction pay the agreed price and you pay a buyer's premium on top of that. (and I believe the seller pays comission as well, so it certainly works out well for the auction house)

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This just shows you never know what is going to be collectible. The Puritan settlers got into witchcraft accusations as a backlash against technological and scientific changes that newer settlers where bringing to the colonies. The old school Puritans tried to enact religious law to save their eroding place in a developing nation, but instead it hastened their decline. With all the negative fallout from the Salem witch trials, early Americans would have sent anything to do with the Puritans to the landfill, which could explain why only 11 copies of this book exist. If Puritan legal doctrine had prevailed, the USA would certainly be a much stranger place today, with executions based on nothing more than the hysterics of teenage girls and feuding neighbors.

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