First-ever global deal struck on airline CO2 emissions


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Sounds like higher airline tickets to come in the near future. Not only do we get hit for the fuel surcharge, now we must pay for the CO2 emissions! Because you know, every airline will pass most if not all costs on to the traveling consumer!

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I've found my tickets to Japan on KLM have become quite a bit more expensive over the past few years because of the EU carbon tax. Any more increases and I will need a bank loan just to fly!

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Wow! Around 3% of world CO2 emissions? That's gotta be a lie. All those planes. Everyday. Everywhere.

And these phoney laws that allow you to pollute and be okay by paying money.

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A quick calculation gives that the amount of fuel per mile consumed by a single passenger traveling in a large passenger jet is comparable to the amount of fuel per mile consumed by a car.

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