First female candidate for U.S. vice president Ferraro dies at 75


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R.I.P. Ms. Ferraro.

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A very classy lady, would have made a good VP. Palin could learn something from her.

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I was too young to really understand anything about politics when she was on the ticket, but I know I admired her for being there.

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Barb Bush said Ferraro had more money than the entire Bush family? T or F?

Besides the recent Barb Bush quote about how Palin should stay in Alaska, here's a snippet showing why ol' Barb could also rhyme herself with rich. About Katrina flood victims housed in Houston's Astrodome: "So many of the people in the arena here, you know, were underprivileged anyway, so this is working very well for them." (quote in AP article by Doug Simpson, Sept. 6, 2005)

I wonder if she would sing a similar tune about Japan's tsunami homeless shelters if anyone cared to ask her.

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I can definitely see a link between Barbara Bush's comments on Katrina and the death of Geraldine Ferraro.

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What the heck does this have to do with Barbara Bush?

RIP Ms Ferraro, 75 is too young.

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Superlib and Smorkian,

As I read the article, it was roughly 10% about her death and 90% about her life's work. If the 1984 election was Ferraro's moment of national exposure, and it involved her opponent's wife implying that she's a rich snitch, then it was worthwhile putting it in the article and including similar comments made by Mrs. Bush later on.

Just wondering to what extent Ferraro was right in 1984 about the Bush family being out of touch with most Americans costing the GOP the 1992 election. If Barbara thinks that losing your home and camping out in a football stadium is "working very well" for you, what would she consider bad times? And what is "underprivileged" code for anyway?

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Geraldine Ferraro was a courageous woman.I am ashamed of the way she was treated by the party and by the media people after pointing out the obvious about Barack Obama's rise, and the double standards in effect throughout the primary.

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I am ashamed of the way she was treated by the party

Why? It's not as if you're a Democrat.

after pointing out the obvious

It's the sort of obvious racism that appears to be welcomed in the opposing party. As for "double-standards," Hillary Clinton disavowed Ferraro's comments. So much for that.

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Ms. Ferraro asked the Obama team to apologize after what they did to her in 2008.But the apology never came.As a Democrat it saddens and disgusts me to see divisions like this.

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As a Democrat it saddens and disgusts me to see divisions like this.

Is this why you are promoting division here? It is plainly evident that your Democratic credentials are as "real" as your crocodile tears.

But the apology never came

As campaigns settle themselves out, so do the ruffled feathers. It can be claimed with equal validity that Ferraro owed Obama an apology. The real question is why you're trying to revive a phony issue on the passing of this woman -- whom you claim was courageous, but is just as like to be a phony sentiment as the rest of your post.

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I don't know how I - or any registered Democrat - overlooked the Jake Tapper interview with this brave woman:

"Ferraro Happy About Palin, Won't Reveal for Whom She's Voting August 31, 2008 8:32 PM"


Geraldine Ferraro told National Public Radio's Jacki Lyden that she was happy to see Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin -- who mentioned Ferraro in her remarks Friday -- on the GOP ticket.

"She said she spoke to Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., to wish him a happy birthday -- Ferraro's birthday was earlier this week, she turned 73 -- and she told McCain to give Palin her congratulations.

"Ferraro defended Palin from charges that the Alaska governor -- who got her first passport last year -- doesn't have enough foreign policy experience."

"What she doesn't know she will learn very quickly, she seems smart enough," Ferraro said."

"As for whom Ferraro will vote, the former congresswoman from Queens, N.Y., said, "I'm like one of you people, I'm sitting here working on my, on my decision. Y'know I'm a Democrat and I am a person who feels very strongly about issues that are facing this country so when I go into the booth I will make my decision."

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