First foreign students arrive in Australia since virus int'l border closure


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The quarantine period before going on to uni sounds like a very good idea. However, I assume that they have decided not to go home until after the end of the school year, since that would require another quarantine period upon re-entry to Australia.

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They haven't repatriated all their citizens now 10 months into this pandemic? This is severely criminal!

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Hong Kong, Japan, Vietnam and Indonesia - welcome.

I always wonder how a govt knows which people from unfriendly nations to allow in, especially for long-term living like college students. Training your future enemy or exporting your democratic ideals back to other countries. Hard to know who is whom?

I always feel bad for the Chinese students who just want an education and aren't political at all - here or there. There is always a little suspicion based on a tiny number of spies in recent history. 99.95%+ are just going for the education. How do we know who is there are other reasons?

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Will the current conflict between Australia and China not be up for discussion on this thread? It kind of seems appropriate.

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