Melania Trump lashes out at media about friend's tell-all book


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Melania Trump lashes out at media

Once again the far right claims something they call 'the media' is said to be their enemy. She's helping Trump and his fellow R's undermine the free, for-profit press while attacking free speech.

at the expense of her work on behalf of children.

When she went to the border she wore a jacket with 'I really don't care' in big, bold letters.

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Melania uses the media to lash out at the media, clearly not intelligent enough to see the hypocrisy in such.

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lashed out Friday at “self-serving adults”

As someone who married a rich narcissist for his money, Melania should know a thing or two about self-serving adults.

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I really don’t care, do you?

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The book revealed her for what she is - a shallow gold-dogging grifter who married the Donald for what he could do for her.

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I loathe Donald Trump, and I don't like Melania either. After all, she married Trump, and if she did that because she genuinely liked him then you have to question her character and her judgement. And if she didn't, then it was for the shallow, glitzy lifestyle of the allegedly rich and famous. Maybe she didn't expect Trump's political career and doesn't like being First Lady, but you make your bed, you lie in it.

However on this issue, I sympathize with her. To have a so-called friend release your private conversations to the public, and to do it for the motive of profit, says a whole lot more about Wolkoff than it does about Melania. And none of it is good.

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and refers to Stormy Daniels as the “porn hooker.”

Actually sounds like Melanias CV too!

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Melania, you might have more credibility if it wasn't for you;

Posing nude....

You, and both your parents getting citizenship through chain migration...

Being Trump's mistress while he was still married to Marla...

Overlooking your husband having a fling with a porn star...and then paying her off...

Sorry, no pity here...

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I like her defense though. Don’t criticize me, I help children.

”Won’t somebody please think of the children!?”

She should wear that coat 24/7. She already admitted it was a deliberate choice and statement.

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