First MH17 bodies arrive in Netherlands; 2 Ukraine warplanes shot down


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Ex-comunists....who can you trust?

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@zichi? 200? I believe only 50 bodies have arrived until now. But they hope to have everyone returned on Friday. Truly a sad day.

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Uniformed Dutch military personnel solemnly hoisted 40 wooden coffins from two planes and placed them in individual hearses at Eindhoven airport in the south of the country in a powerfully sombre ceremony, as a trumpeter played the Last Post and a large crowd of the bereaved watched, shielded from the press.

The televised two-hour ceremony watched across the Netherlands and abroad came in stark contrast to the chaotic and disturbing scenes filmed in the aftermath of the plane crash.

Church bells rang throughout the country as the planes touched down in a much-delayed return for the first as-yet unidentified remains of the 298 people killed in the disaster, most of them Dutch

Three cheers for the Dutch who handled this all with such grace. It has been widely covered here in the states, and as someone on CNN just said it was important because it gave the world -- all the countries of these victims -- a chance to reclaim some dignity and decency for them and show these criminals what we stand for.

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The ABC Australia news says only 200 bodies arrived by train and are to be flown by two military aircraft, 1 Dutch and the other a C17 Australian air force plane. Both can only carry up to 40 caskets a time. So this will be repeated till the known 200 bodies are safely in Holland.

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And flying Su-25 combat fighters over Donestk territory kind flies in the face of the ceasefire doesn't it.

And shooting them down kind of of shows that they still have missiles capable of downing aircraft. They truly are scum.

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Looks like the Ukraine government is in a little bit of a disagreement. Maybe some are tired of taking orders from the US, or, the truth is finally reaching average Ukraine's of how they tried to frame the separatists by shooting down the airliner.


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That wild theory you mention, refers to that nasty affair of flight KAL007. The Russian government wasn't exactly very forthcoming with handing over the flight recorders. Ok, it didn't took 10 years, but just a mere 9 years for Russia to come clean with what the rest of the planet already knew from day one, that they had more or less knowingly shot down a civilian airliner, murdering 269 innocent folks in the process, by finally handing over the empty flight recorders. Russia's then big boss, Andropov, initially wanted to deny the whole sordid affair. He probably thought, 007, hey I've seen that, that must have been them spies on a spy plane on a spying mission. As then and now, they don't give one hoot about it.

On JT one can read comments from certain people, accusing other people as being easily duped and gullable. That's exactly what I thought when Putin tried to convince the folks back home, that annexing Crimea was justified, by having the Russian media circulating news that Russians living in Ukraine were being massacred. However, Russians actually living in the Crimea/Ukraine hadn't heard, nor seen and/or experienced any violence meted out to them. I saw on TV people being interviewed in Moscow. What? Russians are being killed in Ukraine? We can't have that. Putin, do something about it! And he did. After having finished decorating every single member of the Russian equivalent on the Hell's Angels for being good, patriotic hoodlum bums, Putin complied by creating this myth of "liberating" the Crimea from fascists and now trying the same in East Ukraine, with one result being another 298 innocent people being murdered. And then laying the blame on someone else. Duped and gullable indeed. What did he say again? Nobody should use this tragedy to further their own agenda. What a godforsaken hypocrite.

And as for Ukrainian planes flying over Donetsk, Donetsk was and still is a part of Ukraine. These so called separatists are just hoodlums who couldn't hack it without the support they get from Putin. In the world of Putin, Ukraine is already Russian territory. He could do us all a favour by just getting his kicks by riding a tame circus bear bare chested.

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I just don't see what is in it for Putin. Eastern Ukraine is a basket case. I understand why he would want the Crimea but eastern Ukraine? These separatists can't do anything right without a Russian adviser. They are loosing against Ukraine. But it seems that Russia as learned from MH17. They are doing direct artillery support from the Russian side of the boarder. It may be separatists but can't see Russia allowing that. Still can not see what Russia has to gain, this part of Ukraine is just a financial drain. The militia seems to be idiots, so why is Putin pushing so hard. Probably he just wanted to stick it to Ukraine but now it seems a little out of control.

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