Fishermen, activists clash over tuna in Paris


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Greenpeace doesn't care about the lives of the fishermen they put out of work. They have their "job" of being activists funded by their propaganda campaigns.

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Greenpeace = eco-terrorists

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Does every socialist/liberal/progressive in the world have to pick some cause as a requirement to join their club and then irritate the crap out of some poor working stiff who is just trying to make a living? Enough already!

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Perhaps some people are just worried the speicies could become extinct.....ergo the fisherman themselves left without fish to fish!

But please don't allow that to get in the way of a rant about ocialist/liberal/progressive's.

Perhaps there's an Obama angle too, who knows!

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Plenty of fish in the sea.

If a species becomes unpopular or becomes restricted fishing like Cod, Beluga Stork, etc they will simply move onto the next species that is in demand to fill the gap.

Than the new species will become over-fished and the cycle will repeat itself.

Alas such is human nature and our demand and appetite can no longer be satisfied by what the seas and land can provide.

Yeah, I know we should all forsake meat and fish for fruits and veggies except that is not enough arable land and people to farm.

Plus, drinkable(human consumable) fresh water supplies are on the decline and already nations are getting ready to go to war over springs, etc.

Still lots of "fresh" water but many areas like the big lakes can no longer support life, etc.

I expect we will run out of fresh water before the Oceans are depleted.

Saw a report today on TV from Paris and one guy interviewed said right now there are 3 MAJOR markets for blue-fin Tuna. USA, Europe and Japan and everyone has to reduce their consumption.

Which is the most accurate and honest view I have seen.

Yeah, I know a LOT of it goes through Japan but how much is truly consumed in Japan.

Similar to shark-fin 90+% of the worlds Shark-fin gets traded through Hong-Kong. Doubt that Hong-Kong consumes MILLIONS of Shark-Fins every year.

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Zenny it's nice to hear some reason there. I agree that species will go in cycles like everything else. Water is more of a problem and if these self declared "environmentalists" would do more about that we'd have more respect for them rather than just "being worried that a species could become extinct" and helping those fishermen to be able to fish those fish in the future. I always thought that the "environmentalists" knew much better than the fishermen themselves what is good for them and that everyone who isn't an "environmentalist" is just plain stupid. They remind me of those in the pyramid scheme businesses who try to convince you by making you feel stupid for not supporting their perfect system.

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ecology + terrorism = strip mining, cars, industry, planes, yada yada. When I almost died in 2005 due to air pollution when the truck spew I accidentally inhaled crippled my lungs I would call that terror most certainly.

I am glad you are well. I also recovered thanks to emergency services but not completely.

Thus Greenpeace does not equal eco-terrorism since that's stupid. They may not be great but compared to the duplicity and stupidity out there at least its something. If that ended they would not exist. It would be nice if people would stop being morons instead of shills.

Get the terms right though and maybe that'll help your hateful rhetoric

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The French fishermen though prove Upton Sinclair's quote quite well “It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon his not understanding it”

versus the inevitable online knee jerk reactions to every opinion and notion under the sun I find this quote becoming a more profound reminder that perhaps as the years go forward we are not showing up ourselves to be better than before and are becoming the very shills we made fun of in our youth.

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