Five accused plead not guilty to Delhi gang rape, murder


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I do hope the good people of India have the DEATH PENALTY and do this right, like in public and or on live tv know to kind of teach the masses what will happen to dogs like this who rape and kill innocent women.

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Make them take off their masks.. they all look alike anyways.. I like the idea of a TV show.. like Running Man.. and money goes to the victims..

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I have this sickening feeling that the longer this takes to be wrapped up, the better the chances these punks are going to get minimal charges at best. I bet they try to pin it all on the underage youth, who would then only get a few years in a reformatory until he becomes an adult and then walk, and the rest will be let off or get a year or so max. I truly hope I am not right in this. While I don't agree with the death penalty, I hope they ALL get at least 20 years. Given that already one has been beaten pretty badly in prison I think 20 years of hell might be enough for them to think on what they did.

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I know some female friends who cancelled their plan of India travel due to this news. I think that female to own equal rights as male is important for india to become a better place.

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New laws and penalties??? Seems to me that what needed done was to enforce the ones they already have!

But, oh, I see. The politicians seek to appear as if they are actually doing something, so new laws that are not actually needed or even beneficial get passed. Or do you actually think that raising minimum punishments a few years is going to effect a civilized society over-night?

But then, maybe a new law punishing police and prosecutors for failing to uphold current laws would have actually accomplished something? Or even just a TV awareness campaign of current laws? But nope. What we get are all new unnecessary laws that could well cause problems but will surely solve nothing. And it won't be the first time that a single incident sparked such a thing either.

All the guilty in this case deserve the harshest punishment, and not for the rape, but rather for the brutality and violence that led to her death. Not to condone rape, but if they had only raped her, she would still be alive. Before they should be called rapists, they should be called monsters, barbarians, goblins, etc, because your average rapist has nothing on these killers.

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This is horrible, of course, but should they be put to death because of the public outrage? In a proper country their fate would be the same whether there were public outrage or not.

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Peter Payne - can please be more specific what do you mean by a proper country? As far as I read this news from JT, the culprits are going through proper trial and Indian government is creating strict laws to penalize rape convicts more harshly, isnt that a good news? Besides those rape culprits not only gang raped her but injured her intestines with an iron rod inserted her body, leading her injuries to death, what do you expect from the judge? India is a republic country where people are free to make their speech and public outrage can be seen in many countries on different controversies!! There is nothing such as a proper country, ever country has its positives and drawbacks!!

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Yosun - Crime (Rape & Murder in this topic) happens in every part of globe and India is still lot safer compared to many more countries we know, millions of tourist visit India and leave safely. Its your personal desicion to cancel or plan your trip unless you are travelling to war zones like Syria, Afghanistan, etc. People there did show their feelings for this case but in peaceful manner. Things are pretty normal their and many people are travelling their normally.

I think that female to own equal rights as male is important for india to become a better place.

Historically, patriarchy (male dominance) has manifested itself in the social, legal, political, and economic organization of a range of different cultures. Patriarchy also has a strong influence on modern civilization, although many cultures have moved towards a more egalitarian social system over the past century. We know very well that countries like Japan or Korea never treats female in the same manner as male.

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We know very well that countries like Japan or Korea never treats female in the same manner as male.

yeah, but have never read any incidents in japan/korea mbling anywhere close to what occurred in india.

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