Five foreigners arrested in Bali drug sweep


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Why people are so stupid?

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I will never understand why people still fool around with drugs in Indonesia. That country is notorious for it's harsh penalties but people continue to test their luck. SMH

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Still don't get why people would smuggle drugs into Bali (including being a passenger in transit). Surely the drugs are worth more when smuggled out of Bali! Either way it's really a matter of Russian Roulette and hard to sympathize with such people.

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While I wholly abhor the death sentence, if they knowingly commit a crime within a jurisdiction they must accept they will face punishment therein. Like everyone else I find it hard to believe that people aren’t aware by now after so many widely reported cases of how stringent the law is in that country for drug offences.

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Smuggle Drugs ?

Time to SWING. "Can't you READ the SIGN" ?

"DEATH to Drug Smugglers".... at your LAST destination.

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I can only say, "you reap what you sow". Waiting to see Chinese government demands immediate release of Cui Bao Lin

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They should not allowed to execute Foreign Nationals. Deport them instead to face justice within their own Countries.

What you suggest opens a Pandora's box of trouble that no one literally wants to think about. What you are suggesting is the same as Japan "warning" it's citizens that if it ingests any marijuana while in Canada, where it is legal, they could be prosecuted back here in Japan because it is illegal here.

Why start with the death sentence? What about driving laws? Any laws broken that they are incarcerated?

Different countries have different laws of course, but being ignorant or not, is not a defense, and it is far too widely known that Indonesia has the death penalty for drugs, you make the attempt you get caught, you face the music!

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They know it and they knew what's the punishment, bless their stupidity.

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Why? It’s party time in Bali for many, so the demand is high.

You keep making good money, you keep bringing it in.

Until you get caught.

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They should not allowed to execute Foreign Nationals. Deport them instead to face justice within their own Countries.

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