Five years on, America still haunted by Sandy Hook

By Sébastien BLANC

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If only those six and seven year olds had been armed with their own AR-15s, the only casualty would have been the bad guy. You see, what the US is lacking is enough firearms.

Additionally, gun control laws clearly don't work. Just look at Chicago. (Never mind it isn't walled off from the rest of the US or that the majority of firearms used there for crimes are from outside Chicago. Those are just pesky little facts.) If you need further evidence that gun control laws don't work, just look at Japan and Australia.

Oh, then there's the fact the US has the second amendment, which Japan and Australia don't have. This means those models won't work. The second amendment embeds firearms as part of US culture, and that can never be changed.

(Never mind that things like slavery and women not voting were also embedded in the US' culture until amendments to the constitution were adopted. It's just not the same because I need my firearms to protect my family from everyone else with a gun. And, I love hunting in California and Texas. Sometimes I go hunting in Fukuoka. It all depends on where I'm living at the time.)

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2nd amendment is just an amendment, amended by mere humans. As we all know, we arent perfect. We make decisions we later regret.

2nd amendment is that bad decision that should be amended just like any laws.

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As they should be, because there have been some 70 school shootings since Columbine, and tens of thousands of deaths PER YEAR in the US because of the lunacy of gun "laws". This is so much the case that they even call it "a club that no one wants to join". No other country has any "mass shooting clubs" or equivalent, and it will happen again, and again, and again, so long as Americans remain as stupid as the are on said "laws".

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Sadly, as long as the NRA wields power via the GOP, anyone crazy enough to buy a gun and with a desire to kill people can do so with the NRA's blessing because they refuse to do anything about background checks or stricter laws about assault weapons or multiple firing devices.

Children should not have to know a drill for an "active shooter". Earthquakes and tornadoes, yes.

The second amendment was written at a totally different time, and for purposes which have not been relevant since.


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