Five years on, flight MH17 families call for justice


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A couple of years ago the BBC did a documentary about the shooting down of MH 17. The focus of their story was the Russian media version of what happened. Putin and his propaganda machine have produced TV documentaries for the Russian people, exactly like the kinds of documentaries we see in the US, Britain, and the west. Complete with "expert" commentators and computer graphics and video footage and "indisputable proof", the Russian media version is extremely well done in convincing Russian viewers of Russia's total innocence. Of course we know that's a lie, and it shows you how powerful Putin's control of Russian media is. The Russians also have released their own Chernobyl video, in response to the recent HBO version. In the Russian version, it's CIA agents who caused the disaster. The Russian people are victims of Putin's criminal lying regime.

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Interesting that the Malaysian Prime Minister claims that Russian is being unfairly scapegoated here.

Is he a victim of Russian propaganda also?

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I vividly remember the deafening shrieks of the whole Western propaganda machine five years ago: "Putin killed our children!!!". No facts, no logic, just sheer propaganda onslaught. Well, what now, after five years? Nothing. Now the deafening silence. Only the Dutch "investigation board" produced something that even the diplomatically polite Malaysian prime minister dismissed as worthless. All the West tried to do was to carefully ignore all the evidence implicating the real culprit - forces of the Kiev regime, installed as the result of the West-instigated coup d'etat in Feb.2014. The West just unable to admit criminal nature of its meddling in Ukrainian affairs and catastrophic results of this meddling.

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Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad last month questioned the objectivity of investigators, saying that Russia was being made a scapegoat for the downing of the aircraft.

Mahathir's comments put him at odds with Malaysian representatives on the joint investigation team who said they supported the team's findings.

Mahathir vs. the Malaysian investigators on the ground

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Aircraft MH 17 is the most that neither is an operation under a false flag. Why is this plane so special? In 2001, the Ukrainians shot down a civilian plane and there was no such hype and did not put anyone in. But then the plane deviated from the route towards the fighting because of the Ukrainian and German dispatchers, they were punished? No. Immediately they began to accuse Russia, although it was not side of the conflict. It was a well-thought-out operation by the Americans to introduce sanctions.

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