Students from Salyer Elementary School wave flags as the train carrying the body of former president George H.W. Bush travels past their school on the way to Bush's final internment Thursday, Dec. 6, 2018, in Spring, Texas. (AP Photo/Michael Wyke)

Flag-waving crowds in Texas watch Bush's funeral train


Flag waving-crowds lined the tracks as a special funeral train carried the flag-draped body of former President George H W Bush to College Station, Texas, where he'll be buried on the grounds of his presidential library.

As the train passed through the towns a group of elementary students could be seen holding a banner that read "THANK YOU," firefighters saluted atop their truck on an overpass and a woman in a red hat held a sign that said "Rest in Peace George" with hearts.

Here are some scenes along the route as the train went from the Houston suburb of Spring to College Station:


Andy Gordon took his 6-year-old daughter, Addison, out of school so that she and her 3-year-old sister could watch the train pass.

Gordon, who lives in Magnolia, took his daughters to the nearby town of Pinehurst on Thursday to see the train pass through. Addison carried two small American flags in her hand as she waited for the train.

Gordon, 38, said, "Hopefully, my children will remember the significance and the meaning of today."


A 54-year-old Texan who served in the U.S. Air Force during "Operation Desert Storm" was waiting for the train to pass through Pinehurst so he could pay his respects to his former commander-in-chief.

Kevin Gulley, who lives in nearby Cypress, wore a blue jacket with "U.S. Air Force" embroidered in gold lettering on the back and had a button reading "Looking Great for '88" on his lapel.

"He was a part of my life when I was there, and I wanted to pay my respects as he's on his way to his final resting place," Gulley said.

Gulley stood waiting next to his son's former football coach, 56-year-old Bill Powers. The two ran into each other here waiting for the train.

Powers says, "It's what he wanted because he wanted everybody to be together."


Some people who lined up along the train route decided to make — or pick up — their own keepsakes to remember the day.

Some left coins on the tracks to be flattened as the train passed over and others picked up nearby rocks to take home.

Doug Allen, 55, of Cypress, left eight coins on the tracks before the train passed through Pinehurst. The train left his three quarters, three dimes and two pennies flattened and slightly discolored.

He says he only thought of the idea a few moments before the train passed and his wife and her friend found the coins in their bags. Laughing, he said, "That's all the change we had."

"It's something we'll always keep," Allen said.

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Just a few months ago McCain's coffin was taken to his burial by a horse drawn caisson. And now Bush with his funeral train. I like the old traditions. The grace and beauty of the services honoring a life well lived filled my heart with joy. 

God bless and keep you Mr. Bush.

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George H W Bush, quite the civil fellow:

Operation Condor

The Willie Horton Campaign Ad

The Invasion of Panama

Targeting Civilians in Iraq

The Racist War on Drugs

The “October Surprise”

Iran-Contra Cover-Ups

May you end up in a place commensurate with your deeds.

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A true legend a man that did it all. Great man! RIP, Mr. President.

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