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Cyclone brings floods, crocodile sightings in Australia's northeast

By Renju Jose

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Wow, went to Cairns decades ago on my way to Green Island.


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Sad to see. I lived in Trinity Park and in Cairns itself 1900-91 time frame. Nice city, beautiful surroundings but a dreadful unrelentingly humid climate. I understand that Trinity Park was badly flooded. The photo appears to be taken over Chinaman Creek and Admiralty Island. The built up parts of Cairns ought to be off to the left, out of the photo but it is hard to tell. It has been a few years /:

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I lived in Trinity Park and in Cairns itself 1900-91 time frame.

So, that makes you at least 133 years old!

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years ago traveled to Cairns...i only remembered my days inside casino there. Anyway, hope all the rescue and relief efforts run smoothly!

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Just another day in FNQ

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I went to Cairns in 1990 and learn how to dive in a diving school in Port Douglas. It was so nice, I remained in the area for one month, went to dive with quick silver from Port Douglas and I had great snorkel time on Green island. I went once up north near Cooktown with a rented 4x4 and stayed in a jungle lodge for a night. Great memories in this part of Australia, I really hope all will be better soon.

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