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Florida death toll from hurricane rises to 47


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To all those saying "why didn't these people evacuate? Whether it's first responders, people working in animal shelters, those with disabilities or people with a language barrier, the reality is far more complicated for those who can't easily get up and evacuate to safety. But for people with families, "people with disabilities, elderly, those with pets, horses or cattle...or simply [if] you don't have a car or enough money on hand to leave, that can make it really challenging." Many modest- to low-income households simply don't have the cash or credit! You have to have a place to go, if you can even afford it. Gas, water and the basics get inflated. Hotels for miles are full. Many times the hurricane doesn't go where predicted or ends up over hyped, giving people a false sense of security. You have to have a LOT of money to get out. Please try to understand and have compassion. Blessings to you all.

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You have to have a LOT of money to get out.

If the roads are clogged, money is not going to help you get out.

It is not a matter of getting out, it is a matter of having strong evacuation centers which can accommodate, feed and care for evacuees.

Do you remember New Orleans where people were told to evacuate to the football stadium, with no electricity, sewage, food, medical supplies of other support?

What has changed in preparedness for mass evacuation in a disaster since then? Nothing.

It is still the youjack system.

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Avenger’s point is taken.

But I would argue that there were a lot more stupid people with the means to evacuate who instead ignored the eggheads and the scientists and said “I’m Florida Strong! (whatever the hell that means) and Jesus will protect me.”

Today, there are quite a few asking Jesus “why didn’t you protect me?”

”Well, let’s see. My dad, (your God) helped you design and perfect the science of meteorology, radar, and television thus allowing the accurate prediction of hurricanes and the communication of vital information. The government (such as it is but dad gave you free will….) warned you to evacuate. It’s not my fault you wouldn’t pay attention.”

And the lucky ones are howling for rescue because they were too stupid to follow public safety advice.

Next they’ll howl for Federal assistance (seems like the federal government is not so evil anymore) to rebuild RIGHT on the ocean.

And after that they’ll howl for Governor Helmet Hair to take action against all the “woke” insurance companies for refusing to write policies on these sand castles in the sand.

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