Florida killer's gun sells for $250,000


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This is a bit sick.

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Sick all around. That such a pathetic individual as Zimmerman, who has shown time and again his inability to control is temper and act rationally, is even eligible to own a firearm is by itself an indictment of American gun laws. One wonders whether he'll action off the handgun he used to threaten his ex-wife, or the shotgun he held at the head of one ex-girlfriend, or the wine bottle he hurled at another.

Some gun nuts on this site voice support for psychological care and gun ownership prohibition to those who are mentally ill. If Zimmerman does not qualify, no one does.

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Utterly sick.

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“fight BLM (Black Lives Matter) violence against law enforcement officers.”

Has Black Lives Matter done violence against police? Has this organization shot someone? Has BLM killed anyone?

George, please tell us how the profit on your murder weapon will be used to build a better society.

4 ( +8 / -4 ) (What the auction looked like)

On November 18, 2013, Zimmerman's girlfriend called the police alleging that after she had asked Zimmerman to leave her home, he had pointed a shotgun at her and begun breaking her belongings.[47] The police reported that Zimmerman had barricaded himself inside the apartment before they had made their way inside and arrested him.[48] He was charged with aggravated assault with a weapon – a felony – as well as domestic violence battery and criminal mischief.[49][50] On December 6, Zimmerman's girlfriend asked that the charges against Zimmerman be dropped and that the restraining order barring him from seeing her be lifted, after which prosecutors said that they would no longer be pursuing a case against him. [51][52]

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Thanks for the details, badsey - one wonders what occurred during the three weeks between his arrest and his ex asking charges be dropped. Note that this does not mean he did not point a shotgun at his ex - the previous case with another ex and the pistol was "resolved" in the same way. Do you honestly feel that this man should be trusted with a gun? Or do you agree that a threshold should be set which, if exceeded, precludes this right?

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This is a bit sick.

My first thought as well, but not a bit, but really sick.

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Just as strange as Jeffry Dahmers refrigerator beeing sold.

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Any decent person, no matter their feelings on the second amendment, should find this auction morally revolting. The auction statement should read: I'm broke and desperate for money. I'm auctioning a murder weapon and using political polarization to enrich myself.

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Steel phallus cult plumbs new depths.

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Looks like crime does pay.

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America gone mad. Why anyone wants this gun?

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"Zimmerman’s trial and subsequent acquittal....",

Yes, George Zimmerman was acquitted. After a very public trial Zimmerman was acquitted. In spite of the obvious bias and distortions of media outlets like MSNBC.

While serving as a neighborhood watch volunteer in a gated community in Florida, Zimmerman fatally shot high school student Martin as he was walking home with iced tea and candy in February 2012.

There was no ICED TEA. There was never any ICED TEA. The repeated media claim that Martin had purchased ICED TEA or was carrying a can of ICED TEA is totally false. The evidence presented at trial and the crime scene photos prove there wasn't any ICED TEA. If the media couldn't get the small facts correct, what was their chances of getting the rest of the story correct? George Zimmerman was acquitted, under the law, by a trial of his peers.

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I find your comment upsetting. I'm a strong supporter of gun control, and despise racism. But to characterize Americans in that way is despicable. It is quite different from the opinion of Americans I've developed. Shame on you!

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All I can think of is if the citizens of the new world had their guns taken away by the Brits, what a different world it would be, basically, no Elvis,

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A Florida neighborhood watchman has sold for $250,000 the gun he used to kill unarmed black teenager Trayvon Martin, auctioneers said. . . . Watchman George Zimmerman claims he acted in self-defense but the teen’s family and friends claimed it was a murder driven by racism. . . . what Zimmerman has called an “opportunity to own a piece of American history.”

The NRA has another trophy.

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In announcing the sale, Zimmerman had said that a portion of the proceeds would serve to “fight BLM (Black Lives Matter) violence against law enforcement officers.”

There. Take that 2 tha' bank & cash it.

Florida killer's gun sells for $250,000

Hopefully, the gun will be put to good use again.

The NRA has another trophy

Former officer D. Wilson (who dumped gentle giant) ought auction off his trophy too. Of course we'd be singing ano entirely different tune if M. Brown (gentle giant) actually subdued officer Wilson and too his gun. That would've been a trophy for the "hood."

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I find it bizarre that a person that is part black (Mother's side) and had an insurance business with a black person (business failed after 1 year) is a racist.

On September 22, 2015, a judge ruled Apperson would stand trial for second-degree attempted murder along with one count of aggravated assault and one count of shooting into an occupied vehicle. Zimmerman testified, denying he had pointed a gun but admitting to having two firearms in his truck that day.[58] Zimmerman further claimed Apperson yelled that Zimmerman owed him his life and shot at him after Zimmerman mocked him by calling him a "clown".[68] While free on bond, Apperson was accused, convicted and jailed for disorderly conduct which revoked his bond; on December 10, 2015, Judge Debra S. Nelson denied Apperson's second bond request meaning he would stay in Seminole County jail "indefinitely" until his trial.[69]

Since George Zimmerman is surrounded by nut-jobs it would probably be smart to carry a gun, a car camera and a body camera at all times. All of this could have maybe been avoided if he would have just video taped Trayvon Martin and gave the footage to police. However he was within Florida gun, civil and criminal law by killing his attacker on the spot.

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"he was within Florida gun, civil and criminal law by killing his attacker on the spot." - comments

Of course, if Zimmerman had followed the explicit instructions of the Police, (Zimmerman was instructed to "wait for the crusier at the mailboxes") he would never found himself slaying an unarmed teenager who was no threat to anyone.

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This like this are why I remind my wife to inter my ashes and bones in Japan, not the U.S., when I die.

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