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Flowers and tears as families mourn South Korea ferry dead


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This tragedy should have been a teachable moment for Korea's political corporate, political, and social sectors. So far it has not been, and much of that rests at the feet of the Park administration.


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Reading about this is still infuriating and incredibly saddening. I remember watching the video found on one kid's cell phone as the ship began to sink, and the kids being told to stay put and were joking around as though it were all good fun, and the tragedy of knowing it was the last thing recorded by a kid in a group of young people who died because of this horrible neglect. The people are right to be demanding the government stop these independent probes padded with vested interests, and they should boycott the anniversary event, hold their own, and make it as highly publicized as they can to shame the government into improving standards and holding themselves accountable for not doing so until then.

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Profit over safety, always a sad tale.

Hope korean gov enhances its maritme safety codes / inspections. Also enforce routine building & city codes. Besides this ferry mishap, there were dozens of K-pop fans falling to their deaths watching an outdoor concert due to an unsafe condition. Further back, an entire Department Store just suddenly collapsed.

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"who died because of this horrible neglect"

Indeed, Safety Rules are always written by blood of victims...

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