For Kim-watchers, N Korean anniversary on Friday is pivotal


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I would laugh if he ends up...well, bye-bye.

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Could it be that he was expelled through coup and is now inspecting forced labor camps as inmate?

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Last pictures show him very overweight and limping. The theory is he has gout... traditionally a disease brought on by gluttony. I´d say he deserves all the pain he gets.

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Wouldn't be surprised if his wife is the cause of his "discomfort". I don't think she fancies going the same way as his previous lovers. Little pillow talk with a big cheese and it's bye bye fatboy.

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"In June 2012, six months after coming to power, state media failed to report on or photograph him for 23 days. He re-surfaced the next month at a dolphinarium."

Is a dolphinarium an aquarium exclusively for dolphins?

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Is a dolphinarium an aquarium exclusively for dolphins?

No, people can go, too.

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Kim watchers... is that like bird watchers?

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I read he has become so fat that his ankles have broken (thanks to the platform shoes he wears).

Maybe he will end up like those 400 kg people you see on TV, a bedridden expanse of flab. He's already North Korea's fattest man.

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