'Forced abortion' images cause uproar in China


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It's murder, plain and simple.

I hope the sickos who conducted this horrific Mendel style operation are punished by man, for most certainly they'll be punished by God if there is one.

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“Who would ever drop a bleeding baby beside its mother?”

Someone requested to do so by the mother?? Is it so hard to imagine a person wanting to be near the corpse that held a life that was dear to that person? Its just one of the most common movie tropes ever!

“Feng Jianmei’s story demonstrates how the one-child policy continues to sanction violence against women every day,”

Its an interesting statement, since it is men who knock these women up. There is not really a lot a woman can do, aside from refuse sex to her own husband. Do they even have birth control pills?

China has implemented its draconian family planning policy

Draconian? People have options. They could have paid a fine. They knew the rules, but caused a pregnancy anyway. And what is the alternative? Let China's population run rampant?

My biggest problem is that I seriously doubt the Chinese government has a proper sex education program to actually teach people the basic facts on how to adhere to the one child policy. Abortions, abstinence, pills and condoms are actually not at all necessary if the men have been properly educated. I have had many long term relationships without any of the above, and the only child I made was the one I intended to make.

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Abortions, abstinence, pills and condoms are actually not at all necessary if the men have been properly educated. I have had many long term relationships without any of the above, and the only child I made was the one I intended to make.

So the women shouldn't be properly educated? Btw do you think abortions are a birth-control technique?

Guess i should master my pull-out-early techniques. Nah... i'll stick to condoms, they're safer on both fronts.

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Of course it is what it is, death forced by the CCP. May they rot in...

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China has too many people already. The husband and wife were well aware of the one child policy. They should have gone to an abortion clinic many months prior. It's their own fault for waiting 7 months and trying to cheat the system.

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They should have gone to an abortion clinic

That's the main issue: what kind of family planning is there in China? Are people aware of their options relating to birth control? Or are abortions the only "option" for undesired pregnancies (unless you wanna call abstinence an option)?

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I can't believe some of the comments here. Disgusting. Yes, the couple broke the law. The baby didn't and didn't deserve to die because of that. At seven months gestation over 90% of babies will survive and thrive. As a woman who has had children, you do not know how bonded you can be to an unborn child unless you've experienced it. I'm guessing the posters who say things like "they knew the rules" etc. have never been pregnant. Maybe it was an accident (they DO happen) and the mother couldn't bring herself to abort earlier and wasn't just "trying to cheat the system".

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Maybe it was an accident (they DO happen) and the mother couldn't bring herself to abort earlier

She would've known 4-5 weeks into gestation. If she couldn't do it then there's no one else to blame but her. The outcome turned out much more worse. I intentionally ignored all your "you don't know what's like to be pregnant" bs.

Again, does China have proper counseling for birth control and family planning? It doesn't seem to, but i never bothered digging into it. Regardless, it's population must be controlled. Granted, forced abortions are obviously not the answer.

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China is like a horror movie with it's own government sometimes. A truly unbelievable story.

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A person has been brutally killed and people are posting silly comments of the need for population control.

Do you think it's the baby's fault that you think there are too many people. Are you willing to do the dirty deed yourself and take someone's life because of your philosophy.

I think this baby deserves respect and mourning by all humanity since its life was taken in such a cruel manner.

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RIP little one, that's all I have to say to this utterly disgusting news.

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I may be in the minority on this, but it seems to me China needs more people, not less. It is a vast country with enormous resources. Eventually, as their economic situation improves and the society urbanizes, the Chinese people will voluntarily have fewer children. Also, there is a serious demographic problem firmly imbedded now in the Chinese population, which is an unnatural, and casually observable oversupply of males. This is directly related to the one-child policy and the cultural preference for boys. These two in concert lead to "gendercide" against girls, via selective abortion and abandonment. One day, China will be like Japan is today, lamenting a shortage of babies.

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so self abortion is not murder?

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Are you willing to do the dirty deed yourself and take someone's life because of your philosophy.

That's a statement, but i believe you meant it as a question. People should have the right to post their "silly" comments, as you have the right to think they're silly just because they don't match your philosophy.

As to mine, it's one of prevention: teaching people how to avoid getting pregnant in the first place. There's condoms, morning-after pill and regular pill, among others. As a last resort, abortion in the first few weeks might be an option.

I doubt anyone in these posts is in favor of forced abortions on 7 month-old babies.


Eventually, as their economic situation improves and the society urbanizes, the Chinese people will voluntarily have fewer children.

Disagree. Economic growth only leads to consumerism. Urbanization has no effect either on demographics. Education does. Educate people and then you can say they'll tend to voluntarily have fewer children. There's also the culture to tackle with that male-only thing.


so self abortion is not murder?

I'd say suicide, no?

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In my opinion, the only governments that are equally as barbaric and just as paranoid as the Chinese are the radical Islamic governments...

What a sick, cruel and UNNECESSARY evil world those people live in...

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they do have a serious demographic problem due aging population and the one child policy but they don't make enough food to feed themselves so i would say they have enormous resources.

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The Chinese do not believe sex education is socially acceptable, thinking that it will lead to more "immoral behavior" by young people. Yeah right. Stuff happens regardless. But they should at least have sex ed the last year of school, rather than none at all.

That said, any "commercial" birth control method is more expensive to the Chinese with their lower average incomes. The government should provide either copper IUDs or Norplant-style hormonal implants to people in certain economic brackets free of charge, from the fines paid by people who decide to have one more child. Both last 5 years before needing to be replaced and are relatively inexpensive

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The Japanese countryside is littered with empty lots, unoccupied homes and towns begging for citizenry.

Even in this tiny country there is plenty of room.

Either way, philosophy is never an excuse for murder. The last time that happened was 70 years ago and the consequences were horrific.

Human life is tantamount, end of story. I don't care what theory is touted or claimed. The state, nor any person should kill a baby based on an idea or theory or even law.

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This is very sad and sick! We should pray for the happiness of our Chinese amigos too!

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"Abortions, abstinence, pills and condoms are actually not at all necessary if the men have been properly educated. I have had many long term relationships without any of the above,

and the only child I made was the one I intended to make."

That you know of anyway!

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The intentional ending of another human's life is murder.

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There are no individual rights in China.

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I imagine this isn't a lone case over there.

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This is just disgusting.

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So the women shouldn't be properly educated?

Of course they should be. I only point at the men for reasons of biological fact. Look at it this way, you can educate both gun owners and non-gun owners on gun safety, but its smarter to focus on the gun owners if you don't want people to get accidentally shot, right? Well its men that make women pregnant, and not vice-versa. Sex they do together but the actual impregnating is done by the man. Don't try to complicate that with gender politics. Its silly. If men have a clue, women need not worry. All of my girlfriends could and did relax. I know my stuff.

Btw do you think abortions are a birth-control technique?

No. But it is a population control technique. I don't like it, but its better than mass starvation, something that could happen the next time China has a drought.

But one thing I did not take into consideration earlier is the fact that this was a late term pregnancy. It absolutely should not have been done.

Guess i should master my pull-out-early techniques. Nah... i'll stick to condoms, they're safer on both fronts.

You should stick with condoms. I never said otherwise. But I don't know how available they are in Northern China. I don't know if they are affordable. I was just pointing out that education can solve the problem too, for a married couple anyway, if what is learned is properly utilized. There is also natural family planning or fertility awareness. For myself, I use both condoms and the pull-out method at least until the relationship becomes long term. I consider that doubling up on contraception. Hasn't failed me yet. I did not learn that in sex ed. Sex ed is horrible in my country. But I bet its worse in China. But there is the government, expecting people to have total control.

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7 months is viable...

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Her fault, should've known.. That's badly flawed thinking.

China is a totalitarian state. Many here seem not to understand that corruption and selectively enforced laws stand out as prominent hallmarks. A one child 'policy' on the books is bad enough. Worse is the leverage over people and corruption surrounding it. Many areas in China allow more than one child (and 2 plus) btw, with oten no more than an administration fee, or sometimes not. Across the map though it is blotchy at best.

And we don' t know her story. In China it's who you know. Maybe someone had an interest in acquiring her family business. Land? Maybe 'her people' couldn't get through in time. That happens. People are abducted right off the street in China (by police, plain clothes and not) and if it's not noticed, if a call doesn't get through in time, consequences can be dire.

My heart goes out to them.

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but, but, but the government pays for it. they pay for everything. in china they have a national health care system don't ya know

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**“This is what they say the Japanese devils and Nazis did. But it’s happening in reality and it is by no means the only case… They (the officials) should be executed.”

Another web user, posting on popular forum, said China’s family planning system had been “openly killing people for years in the name of national policy” adding: “What is wrong with society?”**

Classic. The Chinese have been killing baby girls for decades - which is why there is a huge male population and a much smaller female population. They make it sound like this is nothing new. It isn't. It is just to government now taking matters into its own hands and killing girl OR boy now. They banned doctors from telling parents the sex of the baby because it was such an issue. Perhaps they'd like to include their citizens in the disgusting groups such as the nazis and Japanese during the war?

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is there a reason that the article doesn't mention how this woman was dragged out of her vehicle and then beaten by government family planning officials while her husband was at work? what legitimate government would do this?

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If the CCP was more concerned about their "one child" policy, shouldn't birth control pills and other contraceptives programs be more accessable as a government program? Abortions wouldn't happen so much if people were better educated on safe sex and conception avoidance. If the CCP passed out free contraceptives in all regions of China it wouldn't be as much of a concern (except the "sex selection" abortions).

I'm only going to say one thing about abortions, not one of us posters would be here right now if our parents decided we weren't needed in this world, or an "inconvenience". If one doesn't want a child, take the steps necessary to avoid conception in the first place. Use some discipline and think more before doing.

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The chinese government is getting exactly what it worked for. They tried to control their populace by force (not the "soft power" they think is "working") and now its just getting worse for them. Can't fight nature guys, we'll always lose.

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I wonder what karma will come china's way after killing all those babies, just sick whichever way you look at it. Payback will be huge that's for sure.

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The story that the BBC is reporting is that the mother was dragged into the hospital by a number of men with her head covered with a pillow case, and was then injected in the stomach with a chemical that caused the unborn baby to die within a couple of days. Contractions began some time after, and the baby was effectively born. Debate about such things as contraception, population size, rich and poor, city and countryside are certainly valid, what must that mother have felt when she was effectively treated like an animal and had the precious child inside of her brutally taken away from her because of the slavish obedience to a political policy by people who must have lost touch with human nature?

As a parent myself, I am absolutely appalled and deeply saddened by this story. My only hope is that the attention given to this and other such stories by the international media is sufficient to motivate the Chinese authorities to address whatever social travesties are being perpetrated around their country and treat their people like they gave a sh1t.

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they should make the guy pay for it after all he choose not to use protection or release the genes outside of her body

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Really sick and what does that say about the Peoples Republic of China? Add to this the oppression of an exercise group, all of the corruption. Untold numbers of unskilled workers not being paid. This is the stuff of revolution and the harder they keep the lid on the more heat is put on the pot.

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Baibaikin, yey.

The thing is such story's do raise debate about other things. It is my opinion that this world is big enough for different views. But how come so many people keep relating it to education? It has nothing to do with education. And also in this day and age, most people are educated. So most people for whatever reason make choices, unless like in this case, it is forced. What it also raises as Yuri points out is not being paid. Though she chooses to call it unskilled workers, somebody has to do some jobs. It doesnt make them stupid if they choose them jobs and having a family , but while ever the attitude is that certain jobs arent as valuable as others, attitude like no education, unskilled etcetc run rampant become judgemental, are used as leverage by some bigots for their agenda and well runs into this sort of terrible situation. Who keeps telling the Chinese people the world is over-populated? Somebody who doesnt want Chinese around? That sounds to me like rascist. Underpaid men can not look after a pregnant woman,and after that a mother and child, and a whole generation like this will soon run into being unable to support a nation.

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While the PRC provides a huge number of horrific examples, they aren't alone in this barbaric practice. Here's a little research for someone interested in USA history. What Illinois State Senator actually voted to allow abortion survivors to die in a closet? The vote was on a bill to require care for a fetus that actually survived the procedure. By the way, he has since moved to a more senior office and will be up for reelection this November.

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