Foreign fighters in Ukraine await weapons in chaos of war


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Arming inexperienced guys with little or no training is dangerous and fool hardy. Arm the men with military experience, send the rest to assist with clearing rubble and searching for survivors, or working on getting aid to the shelters etc. There's more than one way to fight this war.

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Russia lobs a few missiles and these guys run back across the border.

I thought that these were battle hardened warriors willing to die for Ukraine's freedom.

I mean, they're missiles. What were they supposed to do?

I commend people wanting to volunteer but "have never fired a weapon" & "no military training". They're more likely to other people killed.

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Russia’s threats to target what it calls “mercenaries” 

no, mercenaries fight for only one reason - money.

these people are freedom fighters - they fight because of a cause.

Big difference !

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Hotheaded fools running toward death. They probably don’t even understand the language nor even knows the terrain.

What they should have done is get trained in secured places like Poland, get properly armed there before entering Ukraine.

Entering Ukraine without training won’t help at all. Ukraine itself has more than 1 million troops before the war started. What they lack aren’t soldiers. They instead lack weapons, jets, drones, artillery etc.

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I saw 2 guys from Brazil interviewed by Brazilian press. Very different the situation between them, one of them just arrived west of Ukraine and he found himself in a ragtag army of foreign volunteers training to fight and Russian missiles hit them, many od them died in fraction of seconds, an inexperienced volunteer who ran away to finally reach Poland. The other one is in Kyiv who lives there, he knows well the city and protect civilians to evacuate to bunkers, he isn't there to fight, but he said that he can die for Kyiv, it's his second hometown and his duty is to protect the Ukranian capital at any cost.

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I thought that these were battle hardened warriors willing to die for Ukraine's freedom.

You thought they were battle hardened warriors? Is that what you thought? Was it the numerous times the article mentioned some of them had no military experience, nor ever even fired a gun before, that left you with that impression?

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Then ya got all those American yahoos who pick up military experience and return home to their right-wing militias.

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foreign fighters?

in other words-mercenaries?

It's amazing how many people see the word "volunteer" and read the word "mercenary" into it.

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Foreign volunteers are certainly brave, but as I understand the advice is: if you don't already have military training, don't go. You'll likely die, and get some of your comrades killed along the way.

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Russia uses mercenaries all the time, even now in Ukraine - always remember 2 words: Wagner Group

The Wagner Group is founded and led by a Russian Neo-Nazi btw. Ever wonder why it's named the Wagner Group despite being Russians?

Its Neo-Nazi founder named his group after Hitler's favorite German composer - Richard Wagner

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Save the last bullet for yourself so you're not captured alive.

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Foreign fighters in Ukraine await weapons in chaos of war:

How many of these foreign fighters are mercenaries?

Would they not have their own special source of weapons..?

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Uncle Zelensky wants YOU for Ukrainian Army!

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foreign fighters?

in other words-mercenaries?

why dont you use proper vocabulary?

in some other parts of the world you will label them terrorists!

let me be frank and honest-they may not get guns yet but there is high chance of punishment.

they will get what they deserves.regardless country.regardless conflict of location.

this problem lies between UA and RU so let them solve this problem by themselves-its not your business to you have to take care about!

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One of them, an American made a Tik Tok video. It's on You Tube for now but will almost certainly be censored soon. It's called, "A well-deserved reward for a wretched American mercenary". Some of the takeouts were:

 "tons" of US and UK volunteers were killed in the strike a few days ago

 Ukrainians wanted to send them to Kiev

 (left unsaid) A group of remaining UK and US volunteers he was with decided discretion is the better part of valour.

 Ukrainians threatened to shoot them in the back if they made a run for it

 They escaped hiding in the back of an ambulance

 they got to the border but were turned away and told to go back

 They were told some foreigners trying to leave were having their passports cut up

 Some British official gave them "a humanitarian pass", told them to dump their military gear and try to leave again

 They were able to get out that way.

 And the "brave" volunteers final warning, DONT GO TO UKRAINE

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Poor mercenaries, I pity their souls..

Russians are going to turn them into meatballs for getting into a war that doesn't belong to them..

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