Foreign leaders lavish Trump with diplomatic gifts


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Not quite sure what the point is...

This article doesn’t explain that presidents don’t actually get to keep these gifts unless they’re below a certain value threshold 130$-180$? not sure. Presidents do have the opportunity to buy them back at market value but can’t just keep these gifts. They’re gifts to the United States.

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Based on the title of the article, the assumption could be made that someone it trying to embarrass President Trump over things that happen to all Presidents and their families for political reasons. While it is factually correct, the article is politically slanted, anti-Trump. Perhaps the Prez didn't say enough stupid things today?

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Like all of the other gifts to Trump, his wife, daughter Ivanka and son-in-law Jared Kushner, those were turned over to the National Archives.

The article does say that they don't get to keep the gifts. I agree that the title is misleading about it, though.

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Hmmm... should be considered as corruption and the same goes for every presidents.

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Yep no other president has ever received a gift. Right? It’s also quite well known that they can’t keep those.

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The article does say that they don't get to keep the gifts.

Mmm... You think that’s enough of an explanation? Seems almost purposely inadequate to me but if you think it’s ticks that box, I’ll concede it does say so.

And, as been said, that title... Media need to be careful that articles and their titles not be or even appear to be slanted. Give MAGA fanatics the opportunity to whine about something real for once.

And Matthew doesn’t say whether there’s any significant difference from levels of gift receiving vs previous presidents. He tosses in that many of the gifts are designed to appeal to Trump’s ego. Okay, one would assume that’s been frequently the case throughout the presidencies. Has it?

I think the editor should’ve returned this to Matthew to rewrite.

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