Foreign media barred from covering Myanmar election


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"Foreigners" not foreign media of the article seems ok well within country's constitution.

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This is not an "election", it's a farce. The current ruling junta in Myanmar seized power illegally on September 18, 1988 and rules the country with an iron fist. The people of Mynamar have no freedom nor choice in their future leaders. This "election", along with the current and future military leaders of Myanmar do not deserve to be recognized by the world as the legitimate government of the country.

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Is anyone surprised? And when the Junta wins in a 'landslide' victory and simply says they don't need to prove it, will anyone be surprised then, either?

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I wonder why they even go through with the farce? They lost by a landslide 20 years ago and basically said, "No. We have the guns and you'll do as we say. THROW THE WINNER IN PRISON!" Because of the presence of the foreign press, their duplicity was shown to the World. This time around they're going to avoid the embarrassment by only allowing the press that they've can control observe. Giving "tours" to UN officials just means they will be carefully directed to see what the ruling junta wants them to see.

Like I said... the whole thing's a farce. Why even go through with it?

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Why go through with it? Because there are sycophants in Burma (useful idiots, Stalin called them) who need the sham to "prove" to themselves that what they are doing is "right" and that the opposition deserves the abuse they hand out.

Burma is rapidly becoming another NK and you only have to look as far as China to see why this regime can survive.

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Burma has been a NK since the military took over,

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7th Nov 2010,big change day for Myanmar.

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Myanmar (Burma) will change if China falls.

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