Foreign media reporting conditions in China worsen, group says


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Uighurs, Tibet, Taiwan, South China Sea, journalists.

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you can not use Google search engine, Facebook or Twitter in China. the net is monitored and censored. you don't need any survey to conclude there is severe lack of information freedom in China

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1.4 billion people are out of poverty, how can it be not worsen to the eyes of foreign media and groups ?

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1.4 billion people are out of poverty, how can it be not worsen to the eyes of foreign media and groups ?

This sentence doesn't make sense. What are you trying to ask?

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1.4 billion people are out of poverty, how can it be not worsen to the eyes of foreign media and groups ?

The CCP does have its achievements, but what you posted is irrelevant to the appalling lack of press freedom in China.

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China is leading the pack, to be sure (at least publicly... NK is a lot worse in actual practice), but it's not like they're the only countries doing it. Trump won't allow certain questions be asked and doesn't want press conferences he doesn't control anymore, the daily conferences becoming once a month or less, and Japan is demanding labels like "sex-slave" and "labor trafficking" no longer be used towards the Japanese government past or present, even enacting laws like the Secrets Law, and now trying to crack down further on language it deems harmful to the nation. China is much further down the road, but make no mistake it's a road we are all headed down, some nations at a quicker pace than others, and ALL calling it "national security".

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Not only journalists, according to a friend who worked for a foreign news service there some years back. Diplomatic staff and foreign execs and educators are routinely surveilled, followed and electonically monitored. The authorities don't care that they know it's happening - told some crazy stories about what had to be done to be able to meet safely with sources. Never really worried for personal safety, but became so paranoid over the possible fates of sources that it really took a toll.

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Xi has delusions of being a modern age Mao and will stop at nothing.

Mao was a ruthless dictator responsible for the deaths of millions through suppression, famine etc etc. If the Chinese population remain silent they are in for more hard times.

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Has giving 1 man so much power ever ended well?

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The government has repeatedly said it is committed to ensuring foreign media can report easily in China, but that they must follow Chinese rules and regulations.

But the government often interprets the rules to suit its needs, rights groups say, especially when it comes to sensitive subjects.

The interpretations of those rules and regulations change merely on the government's whims

The rules and regulations would be "this" one day, but "that" the very next day - even though they're the same rules and regulations!

So what good are they when nobody knows where they stand

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To reduce Poverty simply redefine the parameters of what defines Poverty.

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Next up on 'News that should be obvious to everyone', the Chinese government doesn't allow freedom of the press.

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Arbitrary arrests are back, but now they're taking foreign nationals. Look at what's happening to the two Canadians (and the third on death row). No question things are bad and only getting worse as China's true colours begin to show. Funny that it is all in the name of capitalism. Now that is rich!

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extanker, unlike in Japan, lying in China is a crime.

Wow. Just WOW. You actually believe that Chinese media being critical of the government are being imprisoned for LYING.


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