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Former Israeli president convicted of rape


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Good to see the women of Israel starting to become equal to men. Let's hope it happens with salaries too.

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Not much proof of the allegations in this article. So after the first rape she hangs around him for months to get raped again? I can understand why women don't report these things right away, but when one exercises no caution at all, uh, that I cannot fathom. I don't think this rape charge would go anywhere in another country. And the other charges by other women of an embrace against their will? Please.

Many Ashkenazi are surely overjoyed that the Sephardic Jews have had their shiniest star extinguished.

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Very good Israel. I wish to have all countries in the world have such law and order system. JT very good for reporting such news

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Katsav tried to calm his victim by saying: “Relax, you’ll enjoy it.”

some men are real charmers...(pukes)

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