Former Peruvian President Alberto Fujimori freed from prison on humanitarian grounds


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So, this man masterminded killing at least 25 people, AND was convicted. Why is he still alive? Latin America has far too many leaders who think they can murder their own people and get away with it.

That needs to stop.

Start the cleanup with this man and work through the other countries where the leaders can be proven to have ordered mass murders. Start with Nicaragua, then Venezuela, and move on the Paraguay. 25 yrs of hard labor seems reasonable for each count.

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Just another tiresomely frustrating example of how states ignore and flout internationally-agreed laws with impunity because who and whose army is going to enforce justice? The ruthless Fujimori killed far fewer people than poor old "sick" Pinochet, the murdering fascist dictator of Chile who sprang out of his wheelchair as soon he landed on the tarmac in Chile from his house arrest in the UK. Nevertheless, "unlucky" "El Chino" deserved to die in prison for the cold-blooded execution of captured teenage rebels he ordered his soldiers to carry out.

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Back in the day (late 90s), many Japanese loved this guy and he was given star billing on J-TV and at government receptions.

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Back in the day (late 90s), many Japanese loved this guy and he was given star billing on J-TV and at government receptions.

Because he was a Japanese who, as President of Peru, had become a VIP ( a category of human for whom right-wing authoritarian Japanese have a weakness). After Fujimori's treacherous bad-faith dealings with the rebels holding hostages the massacre he ordered was glossed over and covered up by Japanese media with the exception of TV Asahi which exposed his ruthless treachery and cruelty.

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Ah, the benefit of Hindsight... I wonder how our current "Leaders" will be viewed in the Future ? (After being subjected to Political information manipulation, etc. to suit the story of the current day.....)

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