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Ex-PM Cameron 'sorry' for creating Brexit divisions


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Johnson referred to Cameron as a "girly swot" in written notes.

one thing Johnson got right

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Nice, just nice. These people come out of the woodwork after all the damage is done with a new book they're plugging.

Cowards these people, here and abroad who do this sort of thing. Just go away, Cameron.

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worries "desperately" about what will happen next.

Worries about his personal investments? Taking a small hit on his inherited wealth forcing him to lay off household 'help' at one of his houses? His daddy left him off shore funds. It's hard for me to believe he worries one anything about anyone outside his family and small circle of friends (Phil Ochs).

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The British prime minister who called the 2016 Brexit referendum and then saw the public vote to leave the European Union, creating the nation's prolonged political crisis, says he is sorry for the divisions it has caused.

Cameron arranged to ask the voters of the U.K. if they wanted to leave the E.U., or remain. The voters chose to leave. The nation's prolonged political crisis has been caused by those elected representatives who have chosen to ignore the will of the people.

Regardless, David Cameron would now like the public to buy his book as a sign of the public's repentance for allowing David Cameron to screw up British politics.

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Do you know what's really irresponsible, 'Dave'?

It's holding a referendum to leave the EU and then not make any plans at all for the possibility that the country might vote that way. Some people might even say it was a dereliction of duty.

It's looking like revoking Article 50 might be the best outcome for this situation.

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David. Mate. Sorry. It's too late.

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Like we are all going to forgive and forget for causing the biggest political chaos in the history of the country just so you could become PM. David you ain't no saint.

Even the referendum was more like an opinion poll at a local footie match.

Just yes, no, simple majority win.

Too simple for such an important decision.

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What a loser! He's even lost the distinction of being the worst Prime Minister ever!

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Cameron didn't even make it to a level of a "has been!"

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Since day one Brexit and Cameron has been a cock up, pig headed to think otherwise.

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