Former U.S. President George H W Bush dies at 94


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While I disagree with almost all of his policies, there is no doubt in my mind that he was a great patriot. President George HW Bush displayed all the virtues a president should display, and for that, I admire him greatly. Rest in peace President Bush.

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Rest in peace.

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George Herbert Walker Bush certainly "was a man of the highest character." He typified the character of "the greatest generation" - service and self-sacrifice. I also often disagreed with his policies, but I never doubted that he pursued them only for what he genuinely believed was what was best for America. His son couldn't hold a candle to him - not to mention our current self-serving Narcissist-in-Chief. He is one of the few GOPers left that I could respect.

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President George HW Bush, and his wife Barbara - lovely elegant people; they served their country with integrity and grace.

Now he has gone to his eternal reward.

May he rest in peace.

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A good innings. RIP

I wonder who won't be getting an invite to the service...

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He was the better Bush...

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A true war hero and lifelong public servant. I'm grateful for his service in war and peace, and for the dignity with which he served his presidency.

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H Bush was a great leader, even though I didn't always agree with some of his views. He carried the Presidential role with character and dignity.

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When the USSR collapsed, Bush did some muscle flexing in ME. Liberating Kuwait from the Iraqi invaders. Yup, Bush senior sure was a great patriot, war hero, president and family man.

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Those photos at the end of the article really bring back alot of memories. I still remember the Gulf War and 1992 election campaign like it was yesterday. Looking back it really seems like a completely different America. Maybe not better or worse, but substantially different.

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For those of us outside the United States and on the left-hand side of politics, President George HW Bush was the last Republican President we could respect, even if we didn't necessarily agree with his opinions or actions. He came across as decent and principled and his relationship with his wife Barbara was obviously deep, sincere and very touching.

The current President could learn a lot from the life of this man.

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A decent enough patrician.

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RIP. He was an honorable man. I guess he missed his wife who recently passed as well.

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“Maybe not better or worse, but substantially different.”

It was definitely better, not worse. Things started to slip up when Bill Clinton succeeded him. ‘93 World Trade Bombing. Then the Monica scandal. USS Cole blasted, Black Hawks down in Mogadishu. Al Qaida build up. NAFTA.....etc. etc..

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Can't really remember George Bush Snr, but to live to 94 is very much a life fully lived. Rest in peace.

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Can't really remember George Bush Snr, but to live to 94 is very much a life fully lived.

In college at the time, I recall two things about his presidency: 1) "Read my lips, no new taxes." A statement which he came to regret; and 2) the successful invasion of Kuwait which was on the news non-stop and noone could stop watching it at work, at school, anywhere. I worked at a diner, and the invasion was on non-stop. Fascinating to see in real time, and very successful over a short time frame with few casualties. One thing I later learned is that many of the soldiers were exposed to nerve gas.

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At least his funeral will give Melania a chance to have a break and actually have a good time, with the other presidents and their spouses, like last time. I wonder whether Jeb would mind the man-child coming to the funeral.

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I remember him to take control the Persian Gulf War.

I image that President Trump continued to deny by Bush is chuckling beside back.

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He was a great man, having been tried and tested in WW2. I disagree with his indecision to remove Sadam at that time, a decision that I think he later influenced his son to carry out. I find it interesting how Powell was such a Repub then under Bush, now he has changed his tune and voted for Obama, quite the opposite of Bush.

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He was a top bloke. The Liberals are showing their true colors today.

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Tragic. RIP George H W Bush. Great friend and partner of Japan. He will go down as a Hero for standing up to evil Saddam Hussain and those horrible Iraqis. His more famous son George W Bush finished off the Evil empire of Saddam Hussain, and the world is still thankfull to the Bushes for this.

Very, very sad day.

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A decent enough patrician.

Just as people don't choose to be born into poverty, people also don't choose to be born into wealth. So they shouldn't be judged negatively in either case.

Bush could have gone straight to Yale right after prep school in 1942. Instead, he enlisted (he wasn't drafted -- he chose to go) in the Navy as a combat aviator. He didn't hide behind his family's wealth to avoid service. He signed up.

And he wasn't based stateside behind a desk, nor did he get a sweet stateside stationing. He was in the thick of WW II combat, and was nearly killed in action at least once.

He was the first president I ever voted for (the year he was elected, 1988, was the first election for which I was old enough to vote).

And he very likely would have won re-election in 1992, were it not for Ross Perot taking votes from him. Most of Perot's supporters were conservative or at least right-leaning, so he took a lot more votes away from Bush than from Clinton. Given that fact, and plus the fact that Clinton won despite getting less than 50% of the popular vote, Bush probably would have won if it were a straight two-man race.

May he, along with his wife Barbara who passed away several months ago, rest in eternal peace.

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The truth is he wasn't a good president and if the accusations against him are true then he wasn't a good guy either -

But when compared to the current president, he looks like a saint

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Just like Putin, Bush showed that being a former member of a spy agency (CIA - Bush, KGB - Putin) does not disqualify oneself from odfice of president, though I don't think put in ever ran the KGB, though Bush was the CIA director.

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I'm not shedding a tear over the man who had a major role in the disgraceful Iran/Contra scandal is gone. Not to mention all those dubious pardons later on.

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I respect Bush's military service. But then...


" I find it interesting how Powell was such a Repub then under Bush, now he has changed his tune and voted for Obama, quite the opposite of Bush."

Bush actually endorsed Hillary Clinton in 2016, being the globalist that he was. Let;s not forget his greatest hits, the New World Order and 1000 Points of Light.

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Bush was a gentleman and war hero and all of that. But let us not forget the Iraq war. Had it been a war of limited aims: to get Iraq out of Kuwait and then impose strict but not crippling punishments it would have been all right. But under Bush it became a savage orgy of war after the war with periodic bombings and sanctions that killed and maimed thousands of innocent civilians. This crime against humanity continued under Clinton and escalated into an invasion under the second Bush (remember the non-existent “weapons of mass destruction”?) The seeds of 9/11 were planted by Bush the first, to be reaped by Bin Ladin.

Bush can be admired as a war hero but not as a president.

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Americans love choice, except when it comes to presidential elections where you have to choose between kelloggs or post raisin bran. I like choice in elections. Give me 5 or more parties to choose from.

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Oh, and think Perot said this: "Bush actually stole votes from me."

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He always came across as a genuinely decent guy. Sorry to see him go.

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@juminRhee... one need not have any sort of familiarity with the agency in order to be in charge of it. It's the American way. Look how well it works.

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My biggest memory is of his "error" about Pearl Harbor Day during the presidential campaign.

"I wonder how many Americans remember today is Pearl Harbor Day. Forty-seven years ago to this very day we were hit and hit hard at Pearl Harbor and we were not ready." (Sept 7, 1988)

A genuine mistake or a deliberate tactic? At the time, Dukakis was getting all the media attention. It seemed to change after that with the press monitoring his every word for another mistake.

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George H.W Bush Sr was a great American patriotic man. R.I.P

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RIP. I like the Bushes. I think they're good people, classy and I don't recall they were arrogant.

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"Read my lips. No new taxes."

Then he raised taxes at the demand of Congress. I was young and dumb. Sorry President Bush for how I voted in that election.

I remember how surprised Bush Sr was that lasers could read prices at a grocery checkout machine. He hadn't shopped in decades by that time, showing how out of touch he was with average Americans. Appearing out of touch isn't good for a President.

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Then he raised taxes at the demand of Congress. I

Maybe Bush I should have had enough of a backbone to resist Congress.

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George H W Bush lived a long life, served his country well in many capacities and had impressive government service credentials.

It was unfortunate he wasn't President to represent the U.S. at the many ceremonies commemorating the 50th anniversary of the end of World War II. He should have been: he was a part of that "Greatest Generation" with direct experience in that war, serving heroically and survived. He was also the last elected President to have served in World War II.

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Great man, always admired him, always made me proud as a person and as the President, a true legend, he’ll be greatly missed. RIP, Mr. President.

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I liked Condi Rice, but I think Powell was and still is just an opportunist, and not much respect for Rumsfield and Cheny either. I think under Bush Jr, Cheny was the actual person in charge. anyway, as Chris Rock said, Bush Jr gave us Obama, and Obama gave us Trump. Just the way the voters swing. Never got the jump from Clinton to Bush Jr though, things werent so bad, perhaps people just couldnt get behind Gore.

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 Never got the jump from Clinton to Bush Jr though, things werent so bad, perhaps people just couldnt get behind Gore.

They couldn't get behind Gore like they couldn't get behind Hillary Clinton, ie hanging chads and the electoral college took the presidency away from the person who won the popular vote - the person the majority of voters were actually behind.

Bush Sr was a product of his time, I suppose. At least he did his own bit before sending others into harm's way. RIP.

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Agreed, Bush Sr was a product of his times, his mentor Reagan was also part of that greatest generation legacy. I think Clinton did a great job, but like most libs, on their 2nd term get way too progressive and off course, as Obama did, thus the voter swing to Trump, who I think, will go down as one of the greatest presidents in recent times. no great president ever gets a great assessment while in office, its only after they leave that people realize their accomplishments. The media will never give Trump a fair assessment, so I dont bother watching them anymore. Yes, he should be held accountable, but at least show the good he is doing, and I see allot of good, like trade deals and forcing Asia and others to finally play fair.

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Only reason Bush was able to become president was he was up against the hapless Michael Dukakis in 1988.

He then went on to lose to Bubba in 1992.

His biggest accomplishment was winning 51% of the vote in California in 1988.

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