Fort Hood shooter had communications with Pakistan


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And Pakistan intelligence was involved in the 911 attacks.

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A little birdie told me that Hillary Clinton has also has communications with Pakistan.

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Well, that still doesn't mean he was just a lone apple who snapped his marbles after what bush, who was the worst president ever from the get-go, did by illegally invading Afghanistan and Iraq (and forgetting to plant WMDs there,duh!) and causing MILLIONS of young Islamic men to become terrorists (even though their religion is the same as all others and all others have THEIR share of extremists I might add).Anyways, methinks this poor man will be jailed by the compassionate Obama administration,but he will be allowed brief forays from prison, to maybe go on The View (I LOVE that show) or Hardball or Matt Lauer's show, something bush would NEVER allow!

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"(Islam) is the same as all others...and all others have their share of extremists..." That has got to rank among the most nonsensical and untrue sentences I have ever read. Its just ain`t so. Regarding this murdering scumbag who carried out the latest Islamic terrorist attack on American soil, he should face the full punishment that American law can give him. I am sickened by those in the American mass media who are trying to tell us that this maniac was "mentally disturbed." The murdering scumbag yelled the Islamic Jihad battle cry of "Allah Akbar" before he murdered and maimed innocent human beings. That says it all as to who he was and what he was.

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I think Afghanistan attacked America making the war totally legit.

Anyways this guy had communicated with other terrorists but the media will probably whitewash all information supporting this.

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