Four French troops killed in Afghanistan


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RIP French soldiers... I wish we were all pulling our troops out by the end of the year.

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I bet the Taliban, Al Qaeda etc..are very happy about this, but anyway RIP French soldiers.

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Now the people has overthrown Sarkozy, the american puppet in Paris, they should withdrawn their troops now, those casualties were totally unnecessary, the motto of Nato is we protect you if you contributed to us.....this is a myth, all those countries who participated in the ISAF were feared vengeance from Pentagon warmongers or believes a better economic trading or benefits will sparing from Washington like 'charity'! How wrongful were they as their men were dying and their defense spending in other's business!

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Leave you foreign troops from Afghanistan..

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I bet the Taliban, Al Qaeda etc..are very happy about this

You mean like people rejoice when militants get killed in Afghanistan and Pakistan? Yes, people do tend to rejoice when their enemies die. I feel for those volunteer soldiers even less than I do for the Soviet ones who invaded the country, because I am positive the French ones volunteered for this war that would not even exist if not for willing volunteers. I have my doubts that God will judge any of them very well come Judgment Day, whether willing soldier, militant or terrorist.

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