France's Le Pen warns against sending weapons to Ukraine


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“It would mean that France would become a vassal to Putin’s Russia.”

Going overboard with ridiculous nonsense like this and treating the French electorate as if they are children who are at risk of being duped by the mighty Putin bogeyman is going to backfire.

Regular people are getting tired of this nonsense and will vote for LePen just out of spite against the system.

That's how Trump won and LePen might be next.

Treat the people with respect.

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Bronco, indeed, some seem threatened by Le Pen.

These stories can at least pretend to be objective by saying at least one nice thing about her.

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These stories can at least pretend to be objective by saying at least one nice thing about her.

I like her jacket.

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 she will pull France out of NATO’s military command and dial back French support for the whole European Union.

That will be a good move for France. The Europe nations in NATO are powerless anyway.

“The election of Madame Le Pen would mean electing an admirer of Putin’s regime, an autocratic regime and an admirer of Putin’s imperialistic logic,” said Dominique Sopo, head of the group SOS Racism. “It would mean that France would become a vassal to Putin’s Russia.”

More over the top hysteria from the far left.

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Just another would-be dictator who admires the Putin's Xi's, and Mullahs of the world and who traffics in hate and division, to manipulate the weak-minded...

The French people don't want an authoritarian who tramples on their beloved "liberte"...

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At this point I’m just waiting for Mme Le Pen to win to make this even more interesting.

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Le Pen can't be elected. The French people are smart enough to have seen what happened when other Nationalists were elected around the world. It wasn't good for the country or the world.

Appeasement from French people isn't expected after their WW2 experience. What if Britain and the US never got involved in supporting the French against NAZI Germany?

That's what is at stake here, just Russia this time. Make no mistake. Russia and Putin have to be stopped, whatever the cost.

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I can’t believe I agree with a far right politician. Shock.

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Le Pen said that NATO should seek a “strategic rapprochement” with Russia once the war is over.

Nonsense. There is no ”strategic rapprochement” to be had with Russia. There’s only containment and deterrence until Russia shows Putin the door.

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The same sniveling cowardice as the Vichy. The same deplorable willingness to compromise with, even embrace, tyranny. France has to do better than the likes of her.

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