France asks citizens to wear masks again in public transport


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France reported new 17,601 coronavirus infections over the past 24 hours, the highest figure for a Monday since April 18.

Like past waves, this one will travel west, and will hit the US soon, and then Japan in a few weeks after.

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Good news for the protesters, who are very angry with the government. Yellow Vests are arising, massive crowds coming.

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Interesting - I expect to see our far-right friends comment and cite their favorite phrase here - "My body, my choice"....

However just on this article - don't expect them to say that on the other article today on the reversal of Roe vs Wade...

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It's going through UK schools at a rate of knots, having kicked off at the Platinum Jubilee celebrations. If you don't wear masks it spreads faster and you get through it quicker. Masking up will suppress it and spin it out, as it did the other waves. Family and friends report brief flu symptoms and full recovery. Omicron variants caused less long Covid than earlier variants, according to a King's College report. If it affects you like flu, treat it as you would flu: masks/personal space advisable for those who are particularly vulnerable to such bugs. I wonder if Japan will close its borders again (not that closed borders stopped any variant from crossing any border).

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