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France braced for fifth night of riots as family buries teenager

By Benoit Van Overstraeten and Horaci Garcia

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The UN has called for France to deal with institutional racism in the police force.

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Putting more police on the street is only throwing more gasoline onto the fire. There needs to be a call from the very top in France for a serious discussion about police conduct and especially police conduct in the poorer / immigrant neighborhoods. Somehow I don't expect this particular French leader to make such a call.

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President Emmanuel Macron is not responsible for the mayhem on the streets of France,

But his tin eared tone deaf response to the nightmare unfolding in front of him. boogeying away with Elton John is beyond belief.....

President Macron filmed dancing at Elton John gig as France burns


President Emmanuel Macron needed to be on top of this from day one.

I love the country, my friends Lyon, the food, the people, spent time, worked there resided in Caluire-et-Cuire.

Anger leads to extreme reaction when a 17 year old is allegedly executed at a police traffic stop.

President Emmanuel Macron for gods sake wake up.

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French citizens like the killed teenager cannot be deported.

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if they where born in France then they loose their citizenship. 

What?! Where do you propose sending them?

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The political establishment, the so called elite society could have elevated themselves to such a self appointed level that not only have they lost touch with the struggles of the people, but the height they have propelled themselves will ultimately bring another future Bastille Day, a people revolution.

Marine Le Pen, Deputy in the National Legislative Assembly of France silence is deafening.

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The circumstances for the tragic death of this teenager need to be the subject of the open independent inquiry.

And yes the perpetrators will must be held accountable.

Due process.

The here and now, France needs to take a deep breath, this Government need to bring calm.

To achieve this will need a unified cross party response. Whatever political hue.

Macron might need to stand down.

A head could need to roll.

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   wallaceToday 09:50 am JST

>    Grilledham&cheese

>    The killed teenager Wallace was a criminal!

>    Prove it or STFU

> It's a matter of record that he was driving a "borrowed" car in a bus lane, ran a red light and failed to stop for police when told to only to get caught in a traffic jam. That makes him a criminal, whether he deserved to be shot dead is a different matter and the jury is still out on the reasons for that, accounts vary as you'd expect. Sooner or later the truth will out but one thing is certain, nothing justifies the criminal behaviour of the immigrant rioters.

No someone becomes a criminal after they are charged, found guilty in a court, and then punished.

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Yes Bob the French government can remove citizens like they have with those who joined terroirs groups.

I’m sure you’re well up on French law surrounding this,. Maybe read half of the books written on the subject?

Are you sure the French government can deport a French national who is yet to be found guilty?

Looking forward to being educated on this topic.

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Good law abiding citizens don’t run from police, criminals do.

I understand that sentiment but here is what you are missing. In both France and the US there are big chunks of society for which being law abiding doesn't guarantee being arrested and imprisoned. When obeying the law no longer guarantees you won't end up in jail there is no longer any reason to obey the law. In fact if you are going to go to jail you might as well try and do a runner. John Adams addressed exactly this in a legal defense in court with the following quote:

"...it is more importance to the community, that innocence be protected, than it is, that guilt be punished; for guilt and crimes are so frequent in the world, that all of them cannot be punished; and many times they happen in such a manner, that it is not of much consequence to the public, whether they are punished or not. But when innocence itself, is brought to the bar and condemned, especially to die, the subject will exclaim, it is immaterial to me whether I behave well or ill, for virtue itself is no security. And if such a sentiment as this should take place in the mind of the subject, there would be an end to all security whatsoever."

I would argue that such a sentiment has taken place in the minds of many ethnic and religious minority groups in both France and in the US. In fact I have heard many times African Americans say they won't obey "white man's law" because it was imposed on them and they had no representation it the production of those laws. I have heard that with my own ears. I get it but I bet a lot white people in particular do not.

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"His record of attendance of college was poor. Nahel had been in trouble before and was known to police, but family lawyers stressed he had no criminal record."

The "known to police" line reminds me of a time I sued the Sheriff for roughing me up as I walked to work. I hadn't done anything wrong but that didn't matter. I was now a pin on this big map of police "activity" the Sheriff kept. I was now "known". In court I grilled the DA representing the Sheriff about all those pins on their map and most of them were not actual crimes but occasions like me where the cops stopped, searched and questioned someone. On the surface that map made it look like there was an effing crime wave going on but it was mostly deputies stopping people and roughing them up.

I added another pin to their map because there had been a high speed chase in my neighborhood unbeknownst to me. It involved motorcycles and two crashed badly. I had no idea but as soon as I got off the freeway I was swarmed and spread-eagled. Oh yeah the cops knew me. I gave them a verbal ration of doo-doo too while the cop went through my wallet and took my money.

So I get where these people are coming from. Completely.

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The idiots burned down the largest public library in Marseille.

mostly peaceful- Day 5.

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200% agree with Grilledham&cheese.

Many policemen and innocent child were killed by people not respecting law (car, motorbike etc.) like this stupid kid!! Deserve death? No but he crossed the line many times.

Maybe more tragic accidents are avoid now.

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after the funeral of a teenager of North African descent

he was “French” yesterday and immigration had nothing to do with this.

narrative change alert.

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The most urgent political need is to the contain the violent unrest.

The slow toxic/poisonous decent to a state of martial law to quell a rebellion.

I believe Emmanuel Macron, President of France failed to fully realize the racial and political implications consequences of such a tragedy would have on the somewhat frail fabric of multicultural France.

The result is a society in flames.

A government of cross party unity could could quell the rioting, until a general election people decide.

Either way Marcon must resign

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