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France calls up reserves to boost security after Nice attack


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They ought to return to the reservists status to active duty. France is getting hit left & right. The Charlie Hebdo thing was the jab, the 2nd attack in Paris was a right hook, Nice was an upper-cut. France is staggering. . . . they need to figure out what the problem is and how they got there.

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It is indeed a difficult task for France where almost 1/4 of their population are French Muslims concentrated in often inaccessible and isolated districts (much like our China Towns where culture and language has not been assimilated) even for the security forces with recent massive Muslim immigrants while wide open to the rest of EU connected by massive transportation routes. Add to that their "politically correct" population and politicians with idealistic and often impractical laws, they do have a massive number of hurdles to overcome. Add to that the racial and religious prejudices and biases that will inevitably come into play, and you have a beginning of a time bomb.

All of EU must communicate, coordinate and cooperate in order to bring peace and stability in that area. The 3C's are a vital part of any relationship.

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"It is indeed a difficult task for France where almost 1/4 of their population are French Muslims".

That's not correct. 5-6M Muslims live there i.e less than 10% of the population.

As for the 'politically correct french population' not sure where you got that from?

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If the figures are incorrect, I appreciate that information. I read or heard in a recent report on the Paris attack from one of the media, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, FOX, DW.com, France24.com or BBC. They also talked of laws that were preventing effective measures to be taken against Jihadists because of their political and legal system and their neighboring countries which also had Muslim populations. That is indeed a difficult position for France.

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No worries kazetsukai, completely agree with your 2nd point re archaic laws preventing effective measures to be taken against Jihadists or potential Jihadists.

The system has always been bureaucratic to say the least and reforming it isn't easy (demonstrations, strikes as soon as a govt brings a new reform). A few years back French police couldn't even search car boots ( I think it finally got adopted a few years ago).

I think France has always been torn between what they think is their individual rights and freedoms and the right/need for police to ensure the country is safe. Agree with you, difficult position; they (govt) have been complacent for too long.

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And Edward Snowden was such a hero over there. While he lives in Russia, and sleeps peacefully under the protection of a Russian Intelligence system that is transparent and respectful of all individual rights and freedoms. (NOT) He really opened up a can of worms for the US and NATO allies, when he carefully explained how intelligence is gathered so that Terrorists could avoid being caught and continue planning and executing their diabolical schemes. My guess is that many European countries will soon be adopting intelligence systems that the US used after 9/11 that was very effective in not only finding terrorists but foiling their plots before they even became close to becoming smoking guns!! But I understand how terrible it is for people, possibly sleeping with another person's spouse, when intelligence is listening to their calls or reading their e-mails.....but news to those misdemeanour people.....intelligence doesn't care about that! Either way, now that terrorists know that their communications can be easily intercepted.....they probably have found a new way!!! Which leads back to.......allowing effective interrogation techniques!!! EEUUUWWW!!

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It is indeed a difficult task for France where almost 1/4 of their population are French Muslims...

Please check you facts before posting this misinformation it is about 10%.

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“It seems he was radicalized very quickly,” he said. And therein lies the problem!

Very moderate Muslims have this problem and it is intense.

"Why don't you cover your face?' .

"Why do you talk to men?"

These are verbatim quotes from an Eygptian professor of Physics that I knew !

This was a university student being berated for not being a good Muslim

When she was telling me this she almost broke down!

Everyday young Muslims are under this pressure!

France really doesn't understand what it is facing......

Putting more security on the streets will definitely not solve the problem!

There is immense pressure on moderate Muslims to be more conservative and then who knows what?

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