France hits 20 million milestone in COVID vaccination drive


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A lot of money hey!

France has 46% anti vaccination statistics.

The big pharma will push for vaccine passports. Just wait...

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The big pharma will push for vaccine passports. 

Conspiracy theories are just fairy tales for adults.

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Conspiracy about the pharma, maybe.? But UK already has a blue print for a vaccine passport

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And here in japan we have another summer of wearing masks to look forward to

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The big pharma will push for vaccine passports. Just wait...

It's not Big Pharma pushing for vaccine passports. It's just common sense, if you take the pandemic seriously.

Congrats to the French. I also note they're developing their own vaccine, the Valneva. It's instructive that it's some of those countries that thoroughly screwed up on their handling of the pandemic - the US, the UK, and now France - which seem to be doing best with their vaccination programs. I guess they had to.

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