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France deploys 45,000 police after riots over teen's death

By Layli Foroudi, Charlotte Van Campenhout

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So, the response to Nahel’s death is not to grieve but to torch shopping malls, loot consumer goods, destroy bus shelters etc?

France looks more and more 3rd world as time goes on

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The joys of multiculturalism. I'm sure the police in Morocco and Algeria are much nicer.

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Tear-gas them, arrest them, if they are French, imprisonment, if they aren’t French, deportation. They can keep the iPhone cases.

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Tear-gas them

That is step 2.

Step 1 ... warn them and command to disperse.

Step 2... tear gas and baton rounds.

Step 3.... live rounds and body bags.

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Is part of the grieving process for any immigrant in France is to go out and steal as much as possible ?

It seems to be the case

Looters should be shot on sight!

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"We are fed up, we are French too. We are against violence, we are not scum," he said.

So, if they're French, they should have rioted following the Annecy Park stabbings of four children, in June.

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As any football away supporter knows, the French police are just thugs. If I was a French youth I would set the whole place on fire too.

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That can’t be solved by own French police, because they are already the declared enemy even in more peaceful times there. Maybe an external and neutral force would do. Rumors are, that infamous Prigozhin has some free capacities now. lol

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Reported elsewhere:

Florian has since told prosecutors that he saw a yellow Mercedes-AMG sports car with a Polish number plate being “driven at high speed in a bus lane” by Nahel, who was with two passengers.

“In view of his behavior and the apparent young age of the occupants, I decided to follow , so as to carry out a check,” said Florian, a police motorcyclist.

“During the journey, the driver was responsible for several traffic violations,” said Florian.

When Florian and a colleague got off their bikes to confront Nahel, after he stopped, they took out their service pistols.

*“We pointed them at the driver to dissuade him from restarting,” said Florian, admitting that he fired once, *“as the car moved forward”.

Asked why he had opened fire, Florian said “because the driver appeared to be dangerous.”

When combined with this -

His (policeman) lawyer, Laurent-Franck Lienard, said his client had aimed down towards the driver's leg but was bumped when the car took off, causing him to shoot towards his chest.

maybe there was some justification? The victim's behaviour before the shooting is very typical of immigrants in France and elsewhere, as is the lawlessness going on now.
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Looks like another “mostly peaceful” protest.

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It does not matter to which country one find themselves in, the Police are generally not trusted and in many are seen as no more than street bullies, in uniform and armed to the teeth. What that officer did to that poor young man in France is tragic, but it is not unusual, police do this around the world and usually without consequence. I hope the young mans parents get some real justice from the French judiciary, but i have my doubts. One thing else I must comment on is that, all the street thuggery and violence, the looting and burning, is not in protest to the young man, it is just plain thuggery and violence, nothing more. These thugs doing this do not care one bit about the poor young man who was killed, they are doing it for themselves, to see what they can gain from it. One thing I must add tho, is that there may be some racial element involved in this, but the racial protesters are not responsible for all the violence.

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The young man who was killed was born in France and French.

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Have they tried playing "Don't Look Back in Anger" and calls for peace?

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Police union demands to right to shoot kids who riot. Macron is facing a mutiny, but it looks like he will back the police.

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The media was right about there being a major insurrection. Except it was in France and Brussels and not Russia.

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