France hit by new strikes over retirement age


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When I was about 13 or 14, the drinking age went from 18 to 21. For a teen, three years is an eternity. But I can't understand these whingers. They have to work for two more years? It sure is better than having no pension at all, which is where so many Japanese have wound up, and they had to wait to 65 to get jipped too. There won't be any money unless people work and pay in enough. And 65 is not doubt far more average for the world. And aren't the French known for longevity anyway?

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She admitted that France had to take into consideration the increase in life expectancy, so some French must work longer.

If increases in life expectancy were that important, women would have a retirement age that's five to seven years later than men.

Politically unpalatable, but you can hardly call it unfair.

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In short, pay taxes (medical/welfare etc...) all throughout your life and...? Don't ask for pension or allowances.

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"In recent days, top officials have warned that the risk of a terrorist attack on French soil was at a record high."

Ya think? Could it maybe have anything to do with making France 'equal' by denying the rights of Muslim women?

MistWizard: I'm in agreement with you. I was surprised when I saw they were raising the age from 60 to 62 and not from 65 or so to higher. At least they'll still HAVE a pension. People in other nations are screwed... ahem (Japan... cough!).

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Why do non French citizens really have to criticize the country for it's decision? It's them and their own citizens concern for what laws they pass.

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