France threatens to block British fishing boats from ports


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If the French were smart and could gain the cooperation of the EU they would establish a special category for Scottish fishing, crab and lobster boats to expedite customs paperwork and permit them to unload directly in French ports so they can bypass all the bs they are encountering from Brexit. No boats from any other region of the UK, exclusively for Scottish boats. Big Gallic middle finger to Bojo and his Bozos.

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A new French English War. It's been a while.

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It would be inconsequential for the SNP/Scottish Government to martyr their lush fishing ground at the alter of Brexit, a meaningless gesture.

Brexit trade deal: What does it mean for fishing?

Emmanuel Macron, Clement Beaune, France's Europe minister, have haplessly fallen into Boris Johnson inveigle, a carefully laid plot/scheme.

The French Government may have breached international law by, well....

Beaune  'Not all French ports will be accessible to British boats anymore.

'Only a few, three or four probably... It will be a very significant limitation in the access to our ports for British boats. And we will have systematic border, veterinary and security controls for British boats.

'We will show no tolerance, no indulgence. We have actually started tonight with security checks, it allowed us to board and search two British boats which did not comply with the rules so no tolerance, no indulgence. 

'And we will also carry out systematic controls for lorries carrying goods arriving or leaving to the UK in Calais or elsewhere, not to cut ties and accesses but to be extremely strict with our verifications. 

'We cannot be in a climate of trust with a neighbour who does not abide by the rules.'

Really? Both UK and France are Nato members and hold permanent seats on the UN security council.

Johnson could well weaponize this. well beyond triggering Article 16.

Marcon, Beaune what a pair of imbecilic delinquent political rookies.

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Fully understandable the french indignation but they should be careful as no doubt this is a trap from the perfidious English.

Nothing like a scuffle with the french to boost English pride

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So Jersey pensioners freeze and my incoming stock is delayed because a bunch of nationalist politicians in Paris and London want to score some cheap points. I hate politicians.

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