France to announce sanctions amid fishing dispute with UK


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Another Brexit success story. Hard to say if the Brits are worse than the Turks. It's a close call.

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Another Brexit success story.

Yeah it has been strange the whole way along, there were so many benefits for British people from being in the European Union but they still voted to leave, it's hard to fathom.

Hard to say if the Brits are worse than the Turks. It's a close call.

Not sure about the Turkish reference though???

Seems unneccessary and kinds of in the some vein that lead to Brexit

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“Do as we say or else!” Seems to be the mantra coming from Strasbourg.

Hardly a ringing endorsement of EU membership, is it?

In fact, the EU sounds more like China vis a vis Taiwan day by day.

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“Do as we say or else!” Seems to be the mantra coming from Strasbourg.

Is it not more like, "Do as you agreed to do!"

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Bungle, Her Majesty's Government is playing Jack the Lad to an adoring domestic gallery, but it's really not cricket to renege on plural international agreements. Blighty PLC is suffering enough already, don'tcha think?

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What this story fails to say is how the French before Brexit would register boats as based in the UK/Jersey to increase their overall quota but take what they fished under their UK licence to the French markets. This is one of the things Brexit stopped and they don't like it and are now throwing a hissy fit over it.

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With “friends and allies” like the French, who needs enemies.

Para Sitius is correct, the EU has raped the seas around Britain for profit and now some environmental protection and sustainability is creeping in to the regulatory framework post Brexit so they are limited in what, where and how many vessels they are squealing. Their own profits are all they care about, they are nearly as bad as the Chinese for vacuuming the seas of all life.

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Expect more denial as Brexiteers' Blister of Wincontent oozes more and more and more puss.

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Not sure about the Turkish reference though??

Similar paternalistic authoritarianism, a disregard for law, disputes with their neighbors and a mercurial unreliable leader who cannot be trusted. As a result both are largely reviled by most EU nations. Plus France seems to be on the front line of opposition to each.

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