France train attack hero stabbed in California


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“A woman was being harassed and he got involved,” said the source, who spoke on condition of anonymity.

Airman Spencer Stone, 23, the States need more like you. Thanks for your selfless service. Please get well soon. Merci Beaucoup, et Bon rétablissement.

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Whatever the circumstances, it is very sad. I hope he is okay. Being stabbed has to be a devastating, horrific thing. Experiencing it two times in a short period at 23 years of age has to have emotional consequences. And having the whole world know about it can't help. I hope he is able to talk with someone about dealing with all this. It could make anyone paranoid.

Take some personal time, Mr. Stone. You don't owe anything to us, the public. Heal yourself.

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In the police reports and media stories there is one consistent them: "Alcohol may have been involved." The final report will be out in a few days, but don't be surprised if he caused his own problems or his friends put him in a dangerous situation.

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An average guy from the USA, a real Hero. I wish him to heal wounds as soon as possible.

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How did low life people want to murder Stone who has won highest bravery award of France and Purple Heart of US ? Stone may be not rich in front line battle field experience because of his young age. However Stone movements are lightening as Late Street fighter or martial art actor Bruce Lee. His punches are powerful as Muhammad Ali. He could fight as MMA professional in the ring.

There is one in million who is selfless, courageous and combative like Stone. He is the hero of the heroes. I Wish him well for speedy recovery.

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Luckily he wasn't shot. Too many unlawful armed thugs in those big CA cities.

The fight wasn't fair. It was 3 thugs vs Stone.

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Celebrity has a way of tainting heroism. Those in military defense of a righteous cause are all hero. Recover quickly... try to stay out of trouble.

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