France's DCNS, builder of Australia's new submarines, suffers huge data leak


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Caveat emptor. Although this says nothing about if was the right decision or not; Japan is able to hold on to its information like its kitchen sinks can hold dish water. The question is, did they lose info pertaining to the subs and/or the deal? And we're they hacked? Or was it just a regular leak? So far it says it only covered the subs designed for the Indian navy, and not the Australian designs.

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Japan's ability to protect sensitive data is not the issue here. For now we can not deny DCNS had its (own) serious kitchen sink leak. It occurred a long time ago but don't expect DCNS to make public its findings.

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Anyone who keeps anything on a computer is asking for it to be stolen. I would hope that the Australian sub designs are written on the back of napkins, in a safe somewhere about 100 metres ground, constantly patrolled by a dozen armed soldiers lol. Cyber security is an oxymoron.

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When JPan and Germany were rejected and inferior French sub was accepted by Aussie, both Germany and nPan moved to next sfep

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French submarine contract ? hacking ? If it was japan who had a leak i supposed i would read it France too because in France we actually know nothing about it. Not even in newspapers (who are supposed to be accurate)....

This is the first time i heard any news on it and i live in the country.

French ship building navy yard is actually an old one. Most of the country frontiers are made of water. Our ship building has his strength and weakness like all building ships. Now, the choice is made on design , cost and need and sometimes others advantages agreements.

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