French campaign watchdog examines election-eve Macron leak


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Seems like Russian hacking has struck again - this time against France, with the non-facists suffering yet again. Although not related to Wikileaks which did have a link to leaked documents related to the Macron campaign, it's kinda strange how nothing on Wikileaks is of any harm to Russia.

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Yes! when Le Poison Pen visited Putin in Moscow recently he publicly claimed he wouldn't hack the French elections

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Oh look, more Russians undermining democracy again. I can't wait for all the little dezinformatsiya agents to come online and tell us all how this is totally okay.

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Companies and business even with the most stringent  elements of communications data  security are susceptible to risk of unauthorized system access.

An interdisciplinary team should constantly evaluate vulnerabilities in  electronic data interchange risk. Authentication, physical as well as remote for each application well as management of mail and ownership of database access  . Still there are no  guarantees, even the most methodology focused protocols and controls to  information system security risk can still be breached through routine exchanges.

I hope that all news organizations and agencies refrain from publishing any leaked information fake or otherwise. This is an outrageous act attempting to manipulate a democratic election. Marine le pen must stand up and be seen publicly renounce/condemn this criminal interference.

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Blame the bogeyman, that's the intelligent thing to do.

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Weird how the campaigns of people running against right-wing Russia-lovers keep getting their emails hacked. 


Let's hope the French press is smarter than the American press, which gleefully pored over all the stolen emails and blew things completely out of proportion.

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Blame the bogeyman, that's the intelligent thing to do.

Hear, hear!

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Even Norway --yes, Norway!-- got attacked:

Russian APT29 (Advanced Persistent Threat, also known as Cozy Bear) group launched cyber attacks against Norwegian authorities

Attacks always towards the west republics, not the eastern bloc

JT even posted a new article about this:

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Macron is the ultimate establishment insider. I hope he loses badly. When the MSM won't do their job, the public relies on leaks and hacks...

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The key word from the article: "The perpetrators remain unknown".

Nevertheless, the usual bunch of people unable to read the article to the end, to comprehend its content is already ardently propels the usual stuff - "Russians did it!". I admire the crafty creativity of the Western establishment, these guys developed a universal way to explain everything: can not find a way to solve problems of your country? - blame Russian hackers, they did it! Your party losing support? - blame Russian hackers for that! You were caught cheating on your wife? - well, you know who to blame, right?

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A few years ago, Obama's CIA hacked Le Pen's party. And now Obama is endorsing Macron. Why is hacking by the US OK?

Anyway, I hope the people of France get all the relevant information about Macron's alleged tax evasion before they vote.

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The spreading of fake news is rampant up to the Election Day but the media are banned from publishing any of the leaked documents but that's not preventing the alt-right movement from publishing fake articles and photos.

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Anyway, I hope the people of France get all the relevant information about Macron's alleged tax evasion before they vote

Get information about 'alleged' tax evasion before they vote?

I prefer facts and evidence.

I suppose this makes me a dinosaur.

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originating on 4chan alleging that French presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron was evading taxes spread online thanks to an ecosystem that includes social media, “alt-right” outlets, and fake news purveyors. The campaign was seemingly aided by Russian-linked entities, and it subsequently reached Macron’s opponent, who aired the claim in a public debate.

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No proof it's the Russians but the stench of the right is unmistakable.

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Great mother Russia has proudly undermined western democracies for decades

Western democracies has successfully undermined themselves. Is it for Russia's nefarious activity that French mainstream parties failed miserably to produce electable candidates? The whole establishment propaganda machine, working round the clock in emergency mode, managed to paint colorless, characterless nothing Macron as savior from big bad grey wolf Marine, but what next? Huge problems remain, and the establishment is unable to solve them, because it is part of that problems. So what's the solution? Blame somebody else!! It's like blaming the mirror for your bad face after a weeklong alcohol binge - "Russian hackers replaced the good picture with a bad one".

entire coincidence that only candidates who are threats to great and powerful Russia get hacked just before their elections today

Correction: not "get hacked", but claim that they got hacked, without producing any proof.

And what about threat to Western democracies from not alleged, but confimed eavesdropping of Merkel's telephobe calls by NSA?

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@Rawbeer, there could be revelation of anything else concerning Macron, maybe he is Jack the Ripper or he had an affair with Marie-Antoinette, but there is nothing to "learn" about his tax story. First, the rumor was around even before the first round. Second, his case was investigated by tax office no less than 4 times (2 of them routine, the 4th after this rumor) so they would have found by now.

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Russia's great contribution to the world.

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If someone have nothing to hide should not worry about any leaks

or blame Putin for them.

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