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French mayors face violence and intimidation from xenophobic far-right groups


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“One threat read: “I hope, Mr. Mayor, that your wife will be raped, your daughter will be raped, and your grandchildren sodomized.”

This is not a quote from somebody who deserves any sympathy. Whatever culture/immigration excuses you want to come up with, this behavior is inexcusable.

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Many electorates across Europe have expressed a desire for reduced immigration. Many politicians didn’t listen leaving the door open to the kind of trash-right mentioned in the article.

That said, some overstate and simplify it. Wilders, Meloni and the like aren’t supported by the majority. Those getting excited about a wave of rightwingers gaining momentum usually live a media bubble which doesn’t even tell them about moderates or progressives being elected.

Still, attitudes towards immigration are hardening. More sensible immigration policies are better for everyone.

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Serves them right for not listening.

Look at the riots in The Hague last night? The usual perpetrators as usual (i.e. the water beads off their hair).

You see threats of violence as deserved?

Pretty repulsive.

Also, I’m not very well-read on French politics but are local French mayors responsible for national immigration policy in the Netherlands?

The use of disinformation, including “troll factories” that generate swarms of emails targeting an individual, is a hallmark of extreme-right groups.

Spammers. Sounds like the kind of trash you see on social media.


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Stan...I dont think France has lost it's culture....culture being a thing like language that develops from inputs and new influences.

And one shouldnt decry "mass immigration " to France and still support the movement of Europeans into a middle east nation.

Sort of a contradictory position to hold...UNLESS one privileges the rights of one group over another.

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Many in Europe are now waking to the idea that mass immigration has some negative consequences. Governments need to put their own people first.

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So far from the truth.

For one letter sent with a threat to a mayor, there are dozens of physical assaults by migrants.

The countryside is just receiving the spilling from urban areas.

From the left ideas mayors not listening to their citizens is not democracy.

There are so rare physical threats from rigth wing movements compare to left wing groups that the assertion of the article is a joke.

I am French and sadly the far right is just gaining momentum each time the reality hits the news. French will one day more than protest, being fed up with mass lies about immigration.

By the way I am very tolerant, up to a point.

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illegal immigration has to be addressed, routes for migration to ensure a safe passage for genuine asylum seekers displaced in wars must be given an agreed methodology.

However integration for illegal immigration has presented servitude, people trafficking, child exploitation.

The Hague rioting is an example of ever present danger to the rule of law.

It is long overdue that the scourge of illegal immigration is governments failure to secure citizens right to safety in towns and cities from clear lawlessness prevailing over political agendas.

To threaten French mayors with such vile menacing intimidation must never go unpunished with the harshest retribution.

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No more need to export your manufacturing to third world nations. Just import the third world to your country.

Party on dudes.

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It's not only far right groups, the far left has also had enough with these immigration policies, not only in France

but also in other European countries that have seen their crime rates increase along with the increase of immigrants from Middle East countries, such as is seen in Germany, the UK, Sweden and so on.

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Culture does not stand still and changes the way along. Life today is very different than life 100 years ago.

French population is 85% white.

The CIA World Factbook defines the ethnic groups of France as being "Celtic and Latin with Teutonic, Slavic, North African, Sub-Saharan African, Indochinese, and Basque minorities.

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I am French and sadly the far right is just gaining momentum each time the reality hits the news. French will one day more than protest, being fed up with mass lies about immigration.

The UK is going the same way. The government tries to hide the truth about immigrants, crime and pressure on social services.

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Extreme reactions indeed but why put a refugee center near a school?

Maybe so the kids can go to school?

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French mayors face violence and intimidation from xenophobic far-right groups

Sounds more like citizens concerned for their communities, culture, and safety.


"Racist" / "Far-right" are the new "Counter revolutionary", a slur used in China to shut people up, a hat that fits all. This is a replay of the cultural revolution that 'cancelled' the whole pre-communism China civilization.


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Newsflash - Frenchmen and women upset they have lost their culture and safety to suicidal mass immigration policies are now "far-right".

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The arson followed months of death threats over plans to relocate a refugee center near a school.

Extreme reactions indeed but why put a refugee center near a school?

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Opposition to immigration is a driving force, led by small extreme-right groups that are often backed by national politicians.

Consider, for a moment, that the "small groups" that are "backed by national politicians" are established political parties. Depending upon location, they lead in the opinion polls, largely because they are the voice that speaks against the flood of incoming refugees. Plus they are the primary political opposition against the current president and his coalition government. And are blocking some of the most important legislation sought by the ruling party.

Immigration is what the EU says is a core fundamental European value. That is above debate, challenge or change. And those who would reverse it are radicals extremists opposed to the core values of Europe and France.

And must be stopped.

The trend is that European countries are right now moving to ban politician parties and any who would suppport the parties financially. There are a host of laws, both submitted and under construction, that will effectively criminalize the opposition parties.

And this story comes from a country that has just passed a law making it a criminal offense for someone to encourage others to not accept medical treatments that are considered appropriate by the government according to prevailing medical standards. Criticism of the treatments themselves is also illegal. One scholar even opined that it could possibly apply to someone out of country if the words could be heard or read by a French citizen while in France.

Liberté, égalité, fraternité? Not today.

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They promote the idea that foreigners are stealing the riches of the nation through state handouts and that they will ultimately upend France's traditional way of life.

The whole truth..

Europe, Christianity and western civilization are in danger..

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