France kicks off presidential vote


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Alternatively, if neither candidate makes it past Sunday's first round into the runoff, that's a clear message that populist nationalism is receding.

And hopefully that's the message we'll see.

Given the paucity of posts lately from the various members of the keyboard brigade I'm going to assume they are being kept fully engaged posting instead on French media sites.

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The undecided's, wavers and doubters without conscious political ties or allegiances could well decide who succeed  Francois Hollande. Troubling is between 30 and 40 percent of the French electorate could well remain politically comatose right up until they pick up the pencil.

Ironically, Francois Holland legacy could well play a part......  From one extreme to the other?.... Hopefully not

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Le Pen is the only person who can drag France out of the Islamic extremist swamp they are in now.

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That would be over 40% for the extreme-right thieves. I really think many of my compatriots need to get their heads checked. And Emmanuel Rastignac president next month. Bad day.

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Projections look like the polls were right. Macron vs. le Pen.

The madness of a second round le Pen vs. Melenchon has been averted. People mustn't get complacent and not vote against the toxic extreme right in a fortnight. There is much at stake.

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