French police bulldoze immigrant camp near Calais


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Those who reject both offers are to be expelled from France. Because of the war in Afghanistan, the receiving country would in some cases be Greece—a main point of entry to Europe. Greece would then be responsible for fielding asylum requests.

The Greeks are tired of the rest of Europe disproportionally dumping new immigrants upon them, they have few resources as it is. They should take it upon themselves.

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It's not a question of immigrants being "dumped" on Greece. Under the terms of the Schengen agreement Greece is responsible for all illegal immigrants who first enter the EU through Greece. Greece should either withdraw from the Schengen agreement or make more of an effort to control their borders, although that's not easy for a country consisting of so many islands.

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Sailing frequently thru the Greek isles, I can tell you that almost every morning another shipload of refugees can be seen. They have dreams, gone thru hardships and who can blame them. We should ask ourselves why they have to do that. I feel sorry for that camp in Calais being destroyed. Why was it ok for Jews to get refuge during WWII but not for Iraqis and Afghans? They were all victims of war and in today's case it is a war started by Westerners. They should take responsibility for it.

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amazingly how western countries are quick to blame countries like Romania for their treatment of gypsies (huge groups of immigrants), but then act even more miserably towards immigrants themselves. It is far easier for them to "talk" about immigration than "do something " about it.

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Foxie - "Why was it ok for Jews to get refuge during WWII but not for Iraqis and Afghans?"

The Jews in WW11 were being pursued by a despotic government intent on shooting, gassing, starving or working them to death. Most Afghanis and Iraqis in general are fleeing fighting and economic hardship and in some cases, persecution.

Britains asylum laws and no doubt the rest of the EU too, rightly allow refugees to be given solace in the case of persecution. Those fleeing fighting need to be given help closer to home, Im sure they dont really want to leave and would be happy to return when the fightings done. Those moving for economic reasons more often than not become victims of traffickers having built up a huge debt to get to the West and then have no possibility of paying off their debts with the pay they get from illegal jobs. Thers no dream to be realised.

In this issue destroying the camp has probably only moved the location of the problem, not solved it. The EU as a whole really does need to do more in terms of both protecting its borders and promoting recovery in Afghanistan & Iraq.

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" is a war started by Westerners."

Huh? What war are you talking about?

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Until Europe as a whole starts to pay to protect its frontiers individual counties can’t complain when counties on the edge of the EU fail to do the job. Why should Greece & Spain & others cover the whole cost? As for the naive notion that these people are the persecuted of the world, they are not, they are by far economic refugees trying to enter a country that has a remarkably stupid & insanely generous benefits system that acts as a magnet to them. Europe as a whole, but Britain in particular, has an immigrant population (with a high percentage of them illegal) that is generating political turmoil & giving rise to stronger & stronger right wing feeling among the indigenous populations. Feeling sorry for the immigrants is not a bad thing in itself, but bringing about the destabilisation of a country because you feel sorry is insane.

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Tearing down a squatter's camp does nothing to address the problem. These immigrants come for the same reason all illegals do, they are fleeing fighting or starvation or persecution. Scrote: you got it right on one count, Greece should withdraw from the treaty as should Spain and Italy since they are the first countries of arrival and would be swamped if they had to take all the illegals.

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Typical France - la la it's not happening, let's just sit and hope the Brits will buckle to pressure to take them in. This was bound to happen when they shut Sangate. Just like the stinking HLM's where the rioting occured, the authorities systematicaly force the lid back on the dustbin instead of doing something about it.

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