French prosecutors examine gang rape allegation in Strauss-Kahn case

By Leila Macor

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but neither has sought to press charges.

If I declared that Strauss-Kahn once tried to slip his hand down my pants, no doubt the press would snap it up and report it with glee.

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“aggravated pimping in an organised gang” <-- nice definition of government as a corporatocracy

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I have to admit I initially many more cases would be heard, legitimate or the money-grubbing kind.

DSK should have taken a leaf out of Silvio Berlusconi's book on how to embezzle state funds on lavish parties and hookers and have absolutely no adverse effect. He might even have learned a bit of taste...

If only this dolt could have kept it in his pants he would have been celebrating becoming president tomorrow. Because of him, France is more than likely going to elect a "leader" who's only proven track-record as a governor of one of France's rural counties being somewhere between abysmal and catastrophic.

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About the picture:

You won't believe me, this is what can an overdose viagra can accomplish.

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