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French tourists arrested for nude photos at Cambodia's Angkor


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Ewwwww! Talk about idiots!

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Yes, Im outraged to hear of the series of photos with Asian women. (Anyone got a link?)

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Here's the link for the Honey:


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WA4TKG: Here's the link for the Honey

Those French tourists are French toast.

Witness, as also seen on Cambodian Herald: Huge uproar over Facebook posts of high school students kissing (closed mouth) in classroom and showing shirts partially unbuttoned.


Huge flap over social networking by [REDACTED] teenage students

Photos of unidentified students looking sluttish and kissing in a classroom are provoking a huge flap among Cambodians using Facebook. ... On Friday, Rasmei Kampuchea, the nation's leading daily, ran a front-page story on recent Facebook posts, ... The newspaper said they featured photos of four girls in white shirts with loose buttons and mini-skirts as well as a boy and girl engaged in a passionate classroom kiss. ...

... another Facebook user, fumed: "Nowadays, young Cambodian generation commit such a crazy thing." Someone else called ... opined "they don’t deserve to be Khmer women” while another person called ... said it was an "unbelievable" photo. "They look like evil spirits," he said. ... "... Their future will definitely be brighter. The boy will become a drug trafficker and the girl will become a beer promoter," he said.

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And this month's Darwin Award goes to...

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And this month's Darwin Award goes to...

Why? Who died?

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Honestly. the population of idiots is increasing faster than anyone can handle. Bad and stupid tourists only make any country look bad and instigate stereotypes and prejudice against others of the same nationality.

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