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French voters head to polls


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I feel sorry for the french voters in Japan today, who have to brave the weather (and some travel far) to get to a voting booth. I think these elections will be taken by the French with a pill, (an E pill - E for Election), they'll get all excited for the big day and then WHAM!, the pills wear off for another five years.

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Looking at the two front runners and the fact #4 is a communist, I'd say the only real vote open to a hard working Frenchman is a vote to immigrate to another country.

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The statements by so many of the the French citizens who feel unrepresented is very telling. Essentially, the politicians are failing their constituency. Is there a French Ron Paul?

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Is there a French Ron Paul?

Ironic, isn't it. The country that produced Bastiat and de Tocqueville would jail both were they alive today.

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Herve, that's the whole problem. France doesn't have a liberty candidate or a free market candidate. You have a choice of what sort of socialism you want: Communism, left socialism, right socialism, nationalist socialism. Of the 4 evils, I'd vote Le Pen, but what France really needs is the liberty and freedom offered by the free market and an American-style Bill of Rights.

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Is there a French Ron Paul?

There is. Marine Le Pen.

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Alpino: It looks like tolerance and solidarity is not part of you vocabulary. On another hand the choice exists: 10 candidates from left left wing to right right wing. In the US you only have the choice of between right right to right wing. And only people from the rich establishment (300 MM inhabitants but always the same - except Obama - Bush father and son, Clinton and wife, ...). France is a far more advanced democracy than the US marketing show.

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Pretty scary, not only 1 in 5 French voted for the extreme right, but the left still have a good chance at taking power amidst an un-precedented economic crisis.

Worrying times.

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worrying times for flying so called "entrepreneurs" ? if you think the left have good chance to take power, what are you doing in japan...flying sarko ???

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I think you should answer some of the questions you ran off from on the other thread before starting a fight here.

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