Fresh violence kills more than 30 in Central African Republic


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The victims were “shot or hacked to death with machetes,” said a Red Cross official who asked not to be named, and who said the overall toll was likely to be higher. and the folk doing this consider themselves to be Christians??

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Christ fearing people would never do such a thing, far be it from them to defile the living messiah. There is a profound truth, with bloodshed, if I were to tell you , you would not believe me, so I will not waste your eternal life, or my sweet breath with the smell of Christ as " I am" not the one. But he lives in the heart's of the one who's eye's have been unbounded and opened to the holy spirit as one who is upon you. and a life... everlasting for faith and belief... and the only truth that is truth that live's...

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So how can we open eyes to stop this violence??

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Nobody cares! The US is not involved in this.

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US?? These are hymans being massacared so guess what!! So i guess ?? I care!!

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