Frustrated Abbas gives Israel ultimatum in harsh U.N. address


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Richard, I am surprised and happy to finally hear someone admit that the Palestinian Authority is an apartheid regime, one that despises democracy and encourages genocide. We can all rejoice at the coming collapse of the PA and peace breaking out in the region.

It is far beyond time for the Palestinian people to give up their fevered dreams of occupying all of Israel "from the river to the sea" and start taking care of themselves.

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Abbas is a political animal who's survived in one of the fiercest environments.

That HE smells the collapse of the facade and it's true nature as an Apartheid regime shining through even in the US means something.

But despite his hopes of being sidelined as nothing but a Bantustan 'leader', the 'civilized world' is going to want to rally around someone who can provide them with a way of memory holing the decades of support, so not tainted by 'compromising' with the regime, though of course not someone who will challenge them with uncomfortable questions about how they could have deceived themselves so badly.

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one year to end its occupation of territories the Palestinians want for a future state.

...which would be all of Israel. The PA and the other Arab islamist organizations still do not recognize Israels right to exist.

Trump was on the right path with defunding these warmongers and getting local governments on board with the Abraham accord; alas the Biden regime destroyed all that and restored funding to Abbas.

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Analysts believe that this is more about internal politics than it is a shot across the bow to Israel.

Abbas, who is starting to get up there at 85, posponed May 22 parliamentary and July 31 presidential elections less than six months ago, blaming Israel for uncertainty about the conduct of elections. He was widely quoted as saying that elections are posponed indefinately "until the participation of our people in Jerusalem is guaranteed."

But insiders say if an election were to take place right now, Fatah would probably lose big time to Hamas. Like it did in 2006. Sadly, no Palestinian under the age of 34 has ever taken part in a national election.

Understandably, avoiding elections has not gone over well with Palestinians. The delay has been questioned by most members of the G20, as an new low over regional democratic principles.

In addition to increasing political strength by Hamas, Fatah also faces increased political competition internally, and a power play by dissatisifed party members may be in the works right now.

And that is the reason why we are hearing from an angry President Abbas today.

Don't you just love international politics?

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